Pure Leverage Review – Is It Just Another Empower Network?

My Pure Leverage Review – Get the Truth

Product: Pure Leverage
Owner: Joel Therien
Price: $24.95 monthly, + $19.95 monthly affiliate fee, + $97 monthly VIP access
Rank: 50/100

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What is Pure Leverage?

Pure leverage is a Multi-Level-Marketing program and software suite package for internet marketers. It was developed by Joel Therien back in 2012. With the cheaper cost and more options included in their basic membership (as well as minus the ridiculously expensive upsells), a lot of people are looking to this as an alternative to the infamous Empower Network.

While many of the products included within Pure Leverage are in fact things a web business owner may come to need, it isn’t necessarily going to be the best program for most people to become involved in, especially newbies who don’t know a thing about marketing online.

If you’re familiar with Empower Network, the program is similar in that they both push this “viral blogging network” craze, and simply give you a blog to use on their provided network and hosting – they claim being connected to their authority blog makes it easier to rank better in the search engines (ie Google). However Empower Network proved this authority blogging trend as rather ineffective as I explain further below.

But perhaps out of all the issues I have with the Pure Leverage program, the biggest complaint is that the focus of the product and all the income potential is in reselling the product, not on sincerely helping the average newcomer learn how to make money with internet marketing. MLM programs are set up in just a way to make it extremely difficult for the majority of people to really profit from it.

The Basics – What’s included in the $24.95 monthly membership?


A Blog

You are given ONE blog on their blogging network. They call it an “authority” blog, and it’s very similar to the Empower Network blog’s, and remember what happened to those? They were flagged as spammy with a recent Google update and their rankings took a serious hit. Just think about this – if the company ever goes down, your business goes down with it!

Not only are you at the mercy of the legitimacy of the Pure Leverage network, but this blog is not actually yours. It’s on their network, so like Empower Network, THEY own the content! Why would you want to start a blog that isn’t really yours?

Easy Lead Flow (Autoresponder) and Video Email Service

While an autoresponder is a great tool for marketing online, it’s not an essential “start up” tool many claim it needs to be. It’s certainly a good tool to have, however it really can only be made profitable if the marketer is seasoned and has built a trusting relationship with their audience.

That being said, an autoresponder can set you back a good $20-$30 per month, so in all honesty it isn’t a bad deal just for the pure fact it provides this service. (I’ve heard it is fairly decent now despite the bugs in the beginning, however I haven’t used it so I can’t vouch for its quality).

Turbo Traffic Generation

They are going to teach you how to generate 5,000+ hits per day to your blog! But remember you are at the mercy of their blogging network’s credibility. So like with Empower Network’s blogs, if the company gets flagged scammy your business (and traffic) will take the hit. It’s much better to blog on a blog you own.

Elite Coaching

Marketing training, but it is more aimed at teaching you how to market Pure Leverage and not how to actually use any of the tools they provide you.

Pricing and Commissions – Are you really getting 100% payouts?

For the basic system you have to pay a $24.95 monthly fee. This included all the tools I have explained above. It’s already a much better deal than Empower Network as you’re getting useful tools for your $25 monthly fee and not just some bullshit blog. However, if you want the ability to sell the Pure Leverage system to others you have to pay an additional $19.95 monthly fee. If you want access to their VIP coaching you have to pay an additional $97 monthly fee.

  • So if you just want this program strictly for the tools is provides, you’re looking at $24.95 per month.
  • If you want to be able to market Pure Leverage, you’re looking at about $45 per month.
  • At the highest level (with VIP access) this system will set you back $141.90 per month. 

The commissions are said to be 100% on direct referrals, but keep in mind that is only for the referrals first month. Each and every month after, you’ll receive 50% commissions on your direct referrals. The ads are slightly misleading however that is explained when you read further in.

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In addition to receiving commissions from your direct referrals, you also make 50% of your direct referrals income. This is where the MLM aspect comes into play.  It’s all about referring others and building that downline!

Who is Pure Leverage Intended for?

I would not recommended this program to beginners. I would say this program would be a best fit for those already with experience in the field and are looking for some additional products to help grow their business. You can buy this as a monthly subscription just for the tools without marketing the program itself.

However, because Pure Leverage is a MLM program and focuses mostly on the reselling of the system instead of quality tools and training, I wouldn’t personally recommend it to anybody. 

Sign of a low quality product – When the sales video is all in selling the dream, NOT the product

If you’ve taken the time to watch Joel’s sales video, you’ll notice it really has nothing to do with what Pure Leverage is all about. It really doesn’t say anything about the tools, training, support, or why the PROGRAM is great. In fact, it consists of Joel Therien giving you a guided tour of his fancy upscale Texas home, his expensive cars, and screenshot “proof” of his million dollar monthly salary.

He says he is not bragging, but rather showing you what is possible when you put effort into the program. However, here’s the thing – if the product was so great, he wouldn’t need to make an entire video about his fancy lifestyle. A truly great product can sell itself without flashing shots of lavish vacations, expensive cars or huge houses.

He is trying to suck in the dreamers on just that – a dream. Making money online is never guaranteed, it’s only possible with hard work, dedication, proper training and support. Pure Leverage does not contain a good support system nor good training, it also doesn’t offer the foundation of success – ones OWN blog.

Final Opinion – Is Pure Leverage a Scam?

I will not say that it’s a scam in and of itself because it provides you some useful products for a fairly decent monthly price. However, I think the majority of people who get involved with this system aren’t going to necessarily want it for the tools, but for the ability to sell it at 100% commissions.

MLM programs are very difficult for MOST people to really make any sort of money with. That is a proven fact…

Shocking MLM statistics.clipular

This chart was taken from mlm-thetruth.com

While Pure Leverage is a bit more affordable and includes a lot more with the basic membership, it’s still the same scheme as Empower.

If you’re here because you are looking for a way to make money online, there’s really only one program I wholeheartedly recommend…

A program that provides all essential training and tools to get a complete newbie up and running with their very own website, and it’s 100% free to start. Not any sort of MLM or get rich quick scheme, just quality sincere training to get people started off in the right direction!

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Anyone have any experience with either Pure Leverage or Empower Network they’d like to share?

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