Questioning Whether You Can Afford a Premium Membership With Wealthy Affiliate? – Read This!

I get asked all the time, “How much are you paying for a membership with that Wealthy Affiliate place?

“47 per month


Actually, it really isn’t.

Now I do understand it’s still a significant chunk of money – especially if you don’t have all that much money to live on to being with. I mean, we all have to eat, right?

When it comes to choosing between being able to pay the rent or pay for a membership to an online business school, you have to choose the basics. I completely understand that.

I know times are hard and we don’t all have extra money laying around, but the truth is, many of us aren’t fully aware of how we are actually spending all of our money…

I admit it – I am 100% guilty of this. I don’t budget like I should, and I spend money all the time on things I probably shouldn’t. I know A LOT of you do the same thing.

However, if you sat down and truly evaluated just where all your money was going I think you’d be quite surprised at the amount you are spending on non-necessities.

Is there something little you buy everyday or each week you don’t think much about?

Are you a smoker? A drinker? A coffee addict? A vending machine junky? Do you like to eat out?Think about how these little habits really add up over the course of a month (or a year)!

Let’s break it down –

  • Pack of cigarettes – roughly $6 a pack
  • 6 pack of beer – around $8
  • fifth of hard liquor – around $10 (for the cheap stuff)
  • fancy coffee beverage – $3 – $5
  • candy bar – around $1
  • daily pop (soda) drinker – $1.50 per bottle
  • dining out – around $15 – $25 per person


Pack a day smoker? – $42 per week, $168 per month, $2,016 per year!!!

Drink a 6 pack per week? – $8 per week, $32 per month, $384 per year

Fancy coffee drinker? Whether it’s Starbucks or just McDonalds, it can add up! Just 3 times per week – $15 weekly, $60 monthly, $720 per year!

Vending machine junky? Let’s say you just bought 1 item, 5 days per week – that’s $5 a week, $20 a month, and $240 a year.

Eat out once per week? – $25 per week, $100 per month, $1,200 per year!

It’s easy to make little purchases here and there and think nothing of it, but when you see the accumulated price over a month or a year, that’s when you really start to think twice about where you’re money is going!

Do you think you could you cut down on one small spending habit?

I know, we all have our vices… but even if you just cut down on the small things – bought one vending machine candy per week instead of five, one fancy coffee a week instead of three, or drank just once or twice a month instead of every week – you would find you could save a lot of money!

$47 monthly broken down is only $1.56 per day – that’s the price of a bottle of soda!

Not much when you look at it that way, is it?

And you know what, if you pay for the regular yearly membership, you get the discounted rate of $29 per month -and works out to be less than $1 per day!

Okay let’s think about this – 98 CENTS a day (to be exact) to join an awesome community of successful online marketers, have unlimited state of the art web hosting, unlimited free web domains, 24/7 live chat support, incredible step by step training, weekly video training and thousands of additional training materials added by active members? For the price of a bottle of soda or just a measly candy bar a day?

Trust me, most programs will charge quite a bit of money just to get “in” – you’re not going to find any truly “free” trial anywhere else like you would within Wealthy Affiliate.

Many programs claim they are “free to join” yet AREN’T – there is always a catch. Whether it’s putting down your credit card information or completing some sort of CPA offer – you’re always going to end up spending money to “join for free”!

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, there is NO catch – it truly is free to start.

Even after you sign up to most other programs, quite often the basic membership is only a lure to get you to spend a small fortune more on upsells – which you could easily end up spending THOUSANDS of dollars if you’re not careful.

Many gurus will charge many thousands for their personal coaching and support. However, you get this INCLUDED with your WA membership – not only the coaching from Kyle and Carson themselves, but coaching from many active and successful online marketers that are Wealthy Affiliate members. It’s a community project and that is what help make it the wonderful place it is!


The thing is, you have to think about the price as an investment…

You’re putting the money in now, so you can gain an amazing education in online business. You’ll have access to all the training, tools and support to make it possible for you to EARN IT ALL BACK plus MUCH more! Are you willing to commit to learning online business for the price of a daily candy bar?

Did you go to college or ever take a college course? It isn’t cheap!

Even if you never attended college, we’re all very aware of how insanely expensive it is to go to school these days – a single course can cost hundreds if not thousands, and many students end up 40, 50, 60, even 100+ thousands in student debt! And in many cases end up with a not so well paying job (or no job!) making it nearly impossible to pay back the loans.

However, people will readily take out thousands upon thousands in loans because they know it’s an investment in their future, and if they don’t go to college they don’t be able to do whatever it is they want to do…and most importantly be able to live comfortably.

So apply that same type of thinking to joining Wealthy Affiliate…

$50,000 per year or $359 per year – both for valuable education, what’s a better deal?

The truth is, just being a member of Wealthy Affiliate won’t guarantee you success, just like a college degree can’t guarantee you a job.

Signing up isn’t a free ride towards millions – you have to pretty much do all the hard labor. It’s just a training center aimed at teaching individuals how to start up their own online business – how you use the training and the level of effort you put in is entirely on you.

You have to dedicate yourself to the training and really push yourself out of your comfort zone. You have to be willing to ask for help when you need it and accept criticism when it is given. It isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

But remember, you can still join and have access to the community and starter training at absolutely no cost.

Even if your really are dead broke, there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from signing up for a basic starter account. You can put away your credit card, because all you need is a name and e-mail address to sign up.

If you’re serious about starting up your own online business, there are definite advantages to being a premium member, however being able to join free to see if it’s a good fit for you is absolutely the best part.

Put away your credit card for now, and sign up here for a $0 starter account.

Don’t like it? There’s no obligations to upgrade. 🙂

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