Take Surveys for Cash: Another Paid Survey Scam

This product is so similar to other paid survey sites I thought I had already reviewed it – but turns out I hadn’t covered this one! If you’ve come across this and are wondering if Take Surveys for Cash is a scam, I’m sorry to say but you should trust your gut on this one.

I’ve invested my own money in the past on similar paid survey products, so trust me when I say this – hold on to your money and run when you see another paid survey opportunity on the internet. There are legitimate survey sites out there (free to join), and even better opportunities online that teach you how to actually make money.

What is the product about and does it deliver on the claims?

This particular survey system was developed by so called Jason White – the “king” of paid surveys. He says he has earned over $274,000 JUST from taking surveys online – and he wants to let you in on the secrets of how you can achieve the same results.

You only have  to pay $39 (discounted to $27) for access.

The reality is that while you can make money from taking these types of surveys, it takes a lot of time and energy and you earn very little. You might get paid 50 cents for a 10 minute survey, or $3 for one that takes you an hour. They’re variable, but mostly very low paying. There may be higher income opportunities that exist if you qualify for a special study, but they’re few and far between, and most people never actually do.

Paid survey products (like Take Surveys for Cash) are all very similar and follow a similar pattern:

  • Claims you’ll earn a living or large sums of money by taking online surveys because once you pay they’ll tell you “the secret” on how to find high paying surveys
  • You’re given access to a database of survey sites – all which are 100% free to join on your own
  • You’re going to be sold on additional products and services within the make money niche that actually have nothing to do with taking surveys (websites and hosting, other internet marketing products)

The reality of online surveys

Okay, so taking online surveys isn’t in itself a scam –  people actually do get paid money for doing this. But it definitely isn’t a big earning opportunity. I’ve signed up with several survey companies throughout the years and have made very little.

Take a look at the survey opportunities available here (via Survey Club) and note the estimated completion time vs payout amount:

While there are a couple at the top that seem pretty decent ($6.25 for a 6-10 minute survey), there’s a good chance you won’t even qualify to take it (I didn’t!). Most of the surveys pay out between 25 cents to 1 dollar.

Here are a few more examples from another survey group (Vindale Research)

As you can see – 72 cents for 34 minutes, 36 cents for 29 minutes – that is ridiculous and not worth anybody’s time.

Not only are most opportunities low paying, but you have to take pre-qualifying surveys before you even take the actual survey, and often times you end up getting kicked out for not qualifying.

Often times you can be answering questions for a good 5 or 10 minutes before they decide you don’t qualify.

On top of all the pitfalls, there’s also usually a minimum amount you have to earn to be able to cash out – often times it is higher than most people will ever earn with the company. At the very least, it can take a long time to earn that amount (usually around $20).

So is Take Surveys for Cash actually a scam?

This is where the line is fuzzy because not everyone defines scam the same way. But the way I look at it, if a person tries to sell you on an illusion and the product they offer is nothing like what they claim, that is highly deceptive advertising and borderline scam in my opinion.

I guess you could say they’ve spent time and energy to create this database of legitimate survey opportunities, and that’s worth something right? To me, that would be acceptable if they marketed the product as just that – a convenient database of online surveys, so you don’t have to go searching for all the opportunities.

But instead they lie and say there’s some type of secret that lets you earn the big bucks taking these surveys, and you can only know if you buy the product – it’s just not true.  The product is also steeply priced at $39 for access.

Like I said before, and I will say it again – stay away from any product that tries to sell you on getting paid lots of money to take surveys. You can access any of the survey companies websites without paying for this product, they are all entirely free.

The good news is, the product is sold via Clickbank, which is a fairly reputable digital product vendor and honors money back guarantees.

Hybrid Sites and my Final Two Cents

These days, there are a lot of hybrid type survey sites that let you do things for rewards – not only can you take surveys, but you can get “paid”  for watching videos, browsing the web, checking your email, playing games or even shopping (examples: Swagbucks, Survey Junkie) They offer reward points which you can then cash out for gift cards or PayPal cash. These are a little better in my opinion because at least you have lots of options for rewards, and often times it might be something you’re already doing anyway (like shopping).

Overall though, the payout of reward and survey sites is extremely low. You can find out here how I actually earn a full time income online.

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