Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting – Is It The Right Choice For You?

free wordpress website with siterubix If you’re familiar with the Wealthy Affiliate program, you might not be aware of all the hosting benefits they offer. But honestly, considering they’re not heavily marketed as a web hosting company (they are primarily an affiliate marketing training center and online business community) the hosting they offer is fantastic and worth the price alone. It isn’t given nearly the amount of praise and attention it deserves.

Before I get into this review of Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting plan, the most important thing for you to keep in mind is your needs. While they offer amazing fully managed WordPress hosting, that is what they are limited to for the most part.

It isn’t exactly fair to compare Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting with some of the bigger hosting companies because they simply don’t offer all the features that specialized hosting companies can offer. For example, there’s no options for any type of dedicated hosting for larger traffic volume sites or SSL certificates if you sell your own products and need to process transactions directly on your website without a third party vendor.

However, for most people starting out in affiliate marketing and even established business owners, the hosting offered there is more than adequate -much, much more.


What’s the advantage over other hosting plans?

While many other hosts are cheap, they are also not specialized for WordPress and that can leave many holes for hackers to attack your site. Since WordPress is the most popular open source content management system out there, it’s also very vulnerable to hacks.

With Wealthy Affiliate (and other managed WP hosts) your website is much more protected against attacks. Personally I’ve been hosting with Wealthy Affiliate for nearly 3 years and haven’t once had a single issue with security.

They monitor your site daily, remove infected themes and plugins and even do full daily backups of your entire site so you don’t have to worry about starting over if anything goes wrong.

It’s also MUCH more affordable compared to other companies like WP Engine and Pagely that offer similar features. While they don’t offer SSL certificates, dedicated IPs, or Cpanel access the pricing differences are large enough that if you don’t need the extra add ons (which most people don’t) and want managed hosting specifically for WordPress, chosing WA is a no brainer. (Pricing is discussed further below within the review).

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using the hosting at WA, however, is that it offers the combined community and training that no other web host provides. If you ask me, they should be charging much more for what they are offering.


Create entirely free Siterubix WordPress sites

Something unique they offer is the ability to create 2 entirely free websites with their Siterubix site builder platform. These are full WordPress installed sites with a .siterubix.com extention.

They’re a bit limited in features but considering they’re free, it’s a great way to test their hosting platform and community to see if it’s something you would like even before you commit to spending any money!

What’s even better is if you create a website with your free membership on a .siterubix.com extention, if you do decide to pay for their hosting you can transfer that website to your own domain in just a few clicks.. complete redirects and all.


The strengths and weaknesses of Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting plan

wealthy affiliate hosting planWhat Wealthy Affiliate offers:

  • Optimized, fully managed WordPress based hosting
  • Super easy site installs
  • Hosting for up to 25 domains you own, plus 25 of free SiteRubix websites (50 total)
  • Cloud based, supported by Amazon
  • Full daily website back-ups, full redundancy
  • Constant monitoring of your websites, automatic removal of infected plugins and themes, spam comment monitoring, automatic WordPress updates
  • Fast, reliable servers and virtually 0 website downtime (servers are shared but not crammed)
  • Support tickets for technical issues (submissions usually answered within 30 minutes or less)
  • Site health monitoring
  • Domain email addresses
  • FTP access (allows much larger file uploads)
  • 1,000’s of pre-installed themes and plugins within the database
  • Can pay monthly with no contract or obligations


Since WA isn’t just a hosting company, you automatically will have access to the entire community with all its training, tutorials, videos, classrooms and more.

If you need help with WordPress, you can usually find a video tutorial or training piece within the database.

wealthy affiliate hosting supportIf you need help getting more traffic to your website, there’s plenty of training on that too. Whether it’s trying to rank in Google, paying for ad space within search engines or figuring out how to leverage social media, you can find it all there.

What’s really cool about the support within WA is that if you ever have any hosting issues or problems with WordPress, there are so many options for help and many of which let you solve the problem on your own rather than waiting for a response.

For example when you go to submit a hosting ticket for any technical issues, as you begin typing the search pops up for any training within the community that may be related. While you still may need to ask support, you may also be able to solve the problem on your own.

What Wealthy Affiliate DOESN’T offer:

This is important because while they do an amazing job of providing fully managed WordPress hosting, they don’t offer all the options that are available at other hosting companies.

  • Limited to just WordPress (unless you know how to upload the site via FTP..)
  • No options to upgrade (or downgrade) hosting package
  • No dedicated server options
  • No SSL certificates
  • No chat for technical support issues (but offers a 24/7 community chat)
  • No CPanel access
  • Restricts certain plugins for security purposes, must be willing to play by “their rules”


Pricing – Wealthy Affiliate vs Regular Shared Hosting vs Fully Managed WordPress Hosting


WA’s pricing

There are 2 payment options at WA, monthly and yearly.

$47/monthly try it here for $47 $19 your first month
$359/yearly ($29 monthly)

If you pay for the entire year up front, it’s quite a significant discount (nearly 20 per month less). There’s no obligation to go yearly though and you can pay monthly at first and then switch to the yearly payment option at any point in the future.

Regular Shared Hosting Prices

This can be found for quite cheap. Most companies offer basic packages within the $3 – $4/month price range, and that may be an offer than seems too good to refuse, especially if you’re on a limited budget.

However the advertised price usually comes with a catch. While they may display the lowest rates possible, that can mean signing yourself up with a 3 year contract to receive that particular rate. After that, they raise the price.

And again, those are just for the very basic options. Once you start upgrading to packages that allow similar bandwidth, site installs, security, support, backups… then you’re going to spend more.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Prices

Really this is what makes the most sense to compare Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting prices to since they are a fully managed WordPress host. They offer the same security and features as the major companies out there do, for a much cheaper price.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pricing offered by the major companies:


$64 per month for their business plan, includes 3 sites
$149 per month for professional plan, includes 10 sites
$269 per month for ultimate, includes 20 sites

View full details here 

$29 per month for personal, includes 1 site
$99 per month for professional, includes 10 sites
$249 per month for business, includes 25 sites
View full details here

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting does offer the same security and manageability as other hosts, and lets you host 20 of your own domains with the $47 monthly package (or $359 yearly). Note the pricing of Pagely and WPEngine with 20+ sites, ($249+) and WA’s hosting begins to look incredibly affordable.

Who is it actually for?

  • Anyone starting out in online business, in particular affiliate marketing or other business sites that don’t directly deal with on site payment
  • Anyone looking to host multiple WordPress sites (up to 25)
  • Those interested in using WordPress that want extra security and protection from hacks
  • People looking for more affordable managed WordPress hosting services
  • People who would like extra support and the community aspect WA offers
  • People who want to learn more about how to start an online business (total newbies to experienced)

Who is it NOT for?

  • Anyone running a site that require SSL (direct selling to take place on site, with no third party vendor)
  • Sites that need dedicated servers – membership websites, extremely large scale sites, etc
  • People that prefer Cpanel access
  • People that don’t want to use WordPress


The final word – Is Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting a good choice?

Like I’ve said before, I’ve been hosting the majority of my websites with Wealthy Affiliate for nearly 3 years and the experience has been great. The downtime is virtually non existent, the speed is great and I have yet to have an issue with the security.

While I fully recommend their hosting to most people, there are certain restrictions that make it not a good choice for everyone. Being informed on the limitations of their hosting before you make a decision can help avoid any grievances along the way.

And, if after reading this review in its entirety you still are interested then by all means try it out. For those that are interested in fast, secure and reliable WordPress hosting combined with an online business community, training and support, then Wealthy Affiliate is a great option for you.

Try it here for $47 $19 your first month

If you have any further questions about anything to do with their hosting, please leave a comment down below and I’d be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

About the Author Wendy

Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur. I've been making money online for the past 5 years with online marketing and blogging, and I love helping others learn to do the same. You can read my full story here

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Rudolph says

Hi Wendy. I am a former Wealthy Affiliate member but I had to discontinue my membership. I have a scrappy incomplete website that was being hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and so my website has no home. I would still like to continue to do some work on my website but i have no access to it. I do not yet fully understand the technicalities because i’m still basically a newbie. Could you possibly give me some advice on this matter. Thanks

    Wendy says

    In order to keep your site after you cancel WA you would need to move to another hosting provider before you cancel (or up to 30 days after) or export your website content to your computer and save them so you can reinstall them at a later point if you don’t immediately get new hosting. If you have past the 30 day mark I’m not sure if your website files are still kept on the WA server. It is your responsibility to keep your site content hosted or saved if you plan to use it in the future.

Confidence says


Please i need you to clarify me on this.
When you pay $47 per month for the premium account, do you still pay another $47 per month for managed wordpress hosting or is just one payment of $47 per month.

In other words what is your actual monthly expenses is it $47 or $94 (i.e 47 +47)

    Wendy says

    Nope no tricks – the $47 includes the web hosting. Only $47 per month! 🙂

Newell Starks says


If I decided to use more than 25 unique domains, what is the price for more?



    Wendy says

    25 is the max at WA hosting and I don’t believe you can upgrade to anything more, you’d probably want a different hosting service if you planned to host a pretty large amount of websites.

Stuart says

Hi Wendy,
The biggest gripe I have about Wealthy Affiliate hosting is as you mentioned “Restricts certain plugins for security purposes, must be willing to play by “their rules””.
Apart from that I like the main dashboard where you can monitor the health of all of your websites in one place.

    Wendy says

    Yeah, it isn’t for everyone, but it is definitely a good option for many people. The site health is a great feature, and the site comments and feedback are also really cool.

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