What is Neobux? Is it a Scam?

what is neobuxProgram: Neobux
Price: Free, $90/year, golden packs $290 – $890
Website: neobux.com

Rating: 75/100

So what is Neobux and is it a scam? Neobux is an extremely popular PTC (paid to click) site that has been around since 2006. In the world of PTC, that is a very long time. If you aren’t familiar with PTC, they’re websites that let you sign up, usually for free, and click on ads to earn money.

First let me say that the paid to click industry is notorious for scams. These type of sites pop out of the woodwork on a daily basis but most of them never will actually pay out. Neobux, however, is actually one of the legitimate PTC companies out there.

These sites are a place where people can go to buy extremely cheap advertising for their website, and also where people can get paid to view a certain number of advertisements each day. Neobux serves to benefit (at least in theory) both the advertisers and the customers and is a place where they can come together.

That being said, there’s still some questionable activity going on within Neobux, which I’ll discuss below. It’s also not really a very good way to earn money online as you probably won’t end up earning very much at all.

Let’s take a closer look at how Neobux works.

Making money vs advertising with Neobux

neobux adThere are 2 ways you can use Neobux – buying advertising clicks to your website, or clicking on ads and getting referrals to earn money.

Using Neobux (as well as any other type of PTC site) for advertising usually won’t be very beneficial, especially if you’re trying to sell a product or service. The people viewing these ads are getting paid literally (in most cases) between a hundredth of a cent and a tenth of a cent to view the ad, so they’re most likely not interested in buying something while they do it. If you’re using it to gain traffic or get people to sign up for a mailing list, you might have a bit more luck.

About 99% of the ads on Neobux are for other PTC sites or make money online programs and products. Because you can buy 10,000 ad views for under $20, it’s a good way for people who have very little money to spend on advertising to perhaps get some first time exposure if they’re not looking to immediately sell to their audience. But if you’re looking to advertise via paid to click sites to make sales, it’s going to be a nearly impossible market to profit from.

How to make money with Neobux

Because you’re being paid an extremely small amount to view each ad, you’re never going to make any money to speak of if you simply click the daily ads and do nothing else. If that is all you ever did, you’d make about 5 cents per day with Neobux. Doesn’t seem hardly worth it, does it?

The real way people use Neobux to make any sort of money (although in most cases usually still a very small amount) is by referrals. You can either directly refer others, or pay to rent referrals for a period of time and get commissions on their activity.

Rented and direct referrals

Direct referrals – these are referrals you personally brought to Neobux using your referral link, either personally or using online advertising. These referrals are completely free, but require effort to get a lot of them.

Rented referrals – these are referrals you “rent” for a certain amount of time, and get paid for their activity. These are a lot easier to obtain, but you need to buy rented referrals.

Here is the breakdown of Neobux referral commissions:

neobux referral payments

As you can see, you get very little for referral clicks.

While I’ve never personally bought rented referrals here, many people who have claim the system is a scam. They say they use bots for the rented referrals, which will click ads a few times for the first 3 days, then they stop after that. If they’re really bots or not I can’t tell you for sure, but either way I would say they’re probably a waste of your money.

Even with real referrals, you’ll have to have a massive amount of them to earn any type of residual income.

With the way their system is set up, however, you can’t get enough referrals to earn any significant amount of money as a standard (free) member. You can only start earning referrals after you’ve been a member for at least 15 days and have at least 100 clicks, only then will you be eligible to have 30 direct referrals.

According to the site’s FAQ section, it then it goes by the amount of time you’ve been a member, minus 30, divided by 4. For example, if you’ve been a member for 1 year, 365 days – you’d take 365 – 30 = 335. Then, 335/4 = 83.75. (So add that to your initial 30 and you can have a whopping 113 referrals after an entire year of membership).

As you can see, you can’t ever get anywhere as a free member. Obviously the amount of referrals you’re allowed increases when you upgrade and when you buy additional packs, but the downside is you have to invest a significant amount of money into them.

Because you’re getting paid so little for your referrals clicks and it’s rare to get referrals who are very active, having even 100 referrals would hardly earn you any extra money at all.

Mini jobs and completing offers for points

To earn points and credits to put towards things like your rented referrals, you can do mini jobs or complete offers. These are things like downloading and installing an app to your iphone, playing a game or taking a short online survey.

Upgrading your membership and buying golden packs

If you want to earn more money for ad clicks and for your referrals, you can upgrade your membership for $90 a year. You can also choose to buy packages to enhance your account features for several hundred dollars; the most pricey pack costing you nearly $900 bucks.

Now a lot of members will say you need to invest money to make money with PTC, but if you want my opinion it’s a risky business. It’s so hard to earn any money with PTC sites that if you start investing money into it, especially 100’s of dollars, there’s an extreme possibility you could end up losing your money. There’s also been quite a few complaints from people who have had their memberships suspended after upgrading, and no ability to get their money back. Just something to keep in mind if you do plan to upgrade your account.

My final opinion – is Neobux a scam?

While Neobux isn’t exactly a scam, it also isn’t a good way to make money online. Most people aren’t going to make any more than a couple of bucks per month, and that is with investing time into it on a daily basis.

If you do use Neobux, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading your account unless you know exactly what you’re doing. But then again, if you don’t upgrade it’s set up for you to get nowhere. It’s sort of a lose-lose situation for most people.

Honestly, you’re better off spending your time elsewhere learning how to create a legitimate online business. It’ll be way more rewarding and you’re going to have the potential to earn a lot more money than just a few dollars a month.

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