Will Income Snap Scam You?

income snap sales pageIncome Snap, (incomesnap.com) is a sales page that directs people to sign up for a program called MyFlexJob. I’ve previously reviewed it here, so feel free to check it out (as well as the comments) because there are plenty of people sharing their stories of how they were mislead by the company.

So, Income Snap Scam You? Well, the cleverly made sales video by Sandy may lead to to believe it’s a legimate job opportunity. After all there’s not really any hype or claims you can get rich doing it, it’s sold as an easy way to earn a part time income from.

The truth about what you will be doing with Income Snap (MyFlexJob)

It’s explained clearly that you will be working for big companies like Netflix, Proactive and No No Hair, doing things like basic data entry, age verifications and email validations. You work on an assignment basis and get paid a certain amount of money, which is explained to be about $5-$30 per assignment.

The reality is, however, that MyFlexJob and this Income Snap squeeze page that directs there are highly misleading.

What you’ll actually be doing is completing trial offers for these fortune 500 companies.

Okay, so what’s the problem? Well, completing trial offers is NOT data entry, it’s NOT age verification and it’s definitely not email validations. They have flat out lied about what you are actually going to be doing to get paid which is a definite red flag in my book.
What’s bad about completing trial offers? Do they actually pay you do it it?

income snap jobFirst of all, completing these offers isn’t a scam. But it isn’t the best way to make money. either. If you can get over the fact you’re being mislead and proceed to attempt earning with this program, you’re going to soon find out it isn’t exactly smooth sailing,  nor are the income claims anything like they make it out to be.

What is actually going on here is that MyFlexJob has partnered with these big companies, and will pay you out a certain amount for each offer you complete. The problem is that every offer is going to require a credit card, and many will actually cost you money up front before they pay you for completing the offer.

As a best case scenerio, a good example of an offer you may complete is joining Netflix for a free trial (assuming you don’t already or have never had a Netflix account in the past). Let’s say that MyFlexJob will pay you $2 to sign up for this and assuming you make sure to cancel before the month ends you’ll have successfully made $2. Kinda cool, right?

Well, many offers will require money up front, and the money you pay for the product or service will severely deduct from your profits in the end. For example, say Dollar Shave Club has an offer to sign up for their monthly subscription, where you’ll get razors shipped directly to your door. Cost is variable, but minimum spending is about $5. MyFlexJob pays you $5.50 for completely this offer. You can see you’ve only really made 50 cents for the entire assignment.

Even the free trial offers will still require a credit card, and if you don’t cancel in time you will pay the price. Many companies sign you up for additional products and services after your free trial offer, so if you don’t read the fine print and don’t cancel you may end up with unexpected credit card charges.

Not to mention, the vast majority of these types of companies still make you call some type of 800 number to cancel, and will put you on the line with sales reps trained to make you stay a customer. If you’re not the type of person who likes dealing with those situations this would be a nightmare.

What’s the deal with the My PC Backup requirement?

As soon as you finish filling out your “application” to work for this company, they immediately direct you to sign up to a subscription to My PC Backup. They explain you need this in order to work for them, so you won’t lose any of your work on accident.

My PC Backup is a legitimate (but not the best) backup service, but it is in absolutely no way required to do their “work”. What is really going on here is My PC Backup is just the first of many offers you’ll be completing for them. Only, you’re going to have to pay $25 bucks out of pocket to sign up.

Will you get your $25 back?

They promise that you’ll be refunded the entire purchase amount for the backup software, but what you’re really getting back is 2,500 credits, not money. Considering there’s a minimum credit requirement of 5,000 for cashing out with their system, unless you complete enough offers to fulfill that you will never get your $25 back.

Highly misleading income claims

Income Snap and MyFlexJob claims you get paid around $23.75 per hour, however, like I explained previously this is highly misleading. First of all, it isn’t a real job with an hourly wage that you’re being hired in for so don’t expect to make that certain hourly amount.

If you have to spend 5 dollars on an offer that will pay you 5.50, you’re only making 50 cents – NOT 5 dollars.

Here’s a screenshot of Sandy’s earnings from MyFlexJob in about a 3 month period, totaling $2,278.

income snap payout

While this isn’t any type of outrageous income claim (this works out to about $760/month), there’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Payment “proofs” are extremely easy to Photoshop so seeing a screenshot of earnings isn’t necessarily genuine. (But considering this is such a low amount I doubt this is the case)
  2. This doesn’t take into account any money spent out of pocket on offers, so profits could be much smaller
  3. You’d have to sign up for A LOT of offers to get this type of money, that is putting your CC at risk.

Credits NOT Cash

Remember that you’re not being paid in cash, you’re earning credits. The minimum cashout is 5,000 points ($50), so if you don’t stick around long enough to earn it you’re never going to get paid anything.

The bottom line – I would opt for another way to make money online

MyFlexJob (and the Income Snap sales page) are not only using extremely misleading sales tactics, they’re down right LYING to get people to sign up. You’re told you’ll be doing “data entry, age verification and email validations” for fortune 500 companies, when in reality your just completing trial offers. You’re told you need to buy My PC Backup to use to backup your “important” work for these companies, but it’s nothing more than forcing you to sign up for a trial offer that has nothing to do with the work you’ll be doing. Even more, you’re told you’ll get your money back and that isn’t exactly true either.

The deception involved in this company is so great I wouldn’t recommend anyone get involved. If you’re looking to earn money online I’d suggest you check out how to build a real business.

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