A Look Inside MyFlexJob – Scam or the Real Deal?

myflexjob scamCompany: MyFlexJob
Website: MyFlexJob.com
Rank: 10/100 – borderline scam! – This website is highly deceptive and you will not make the money they claim. A lot of people get this site confused with flexjobs.com – a legit membership job board for people looking for flexible and work at home jobs. 

In summary – What is MyFlexJob?

MyFlexJob.com (not to be confused with flexjobs.com) states they offer unique services in the “trial processing” industry, and that they offer flex jobs with Fortune 500 companies to those interested in working from home. At first glance you may think this company sounds great; their website looks professional and there are no advertised fees to get started. There’s even a bold button to “submit your application” like you would for a legitimate job offering.

Upon further investigation, however, this company is not at all what they claim to be. A quick fill and submit of their application can leave you with more questions than answers. There’s a lot of shady things going on with this company, and I will explain in further detail why I believe MyFlexJob to be a borderline scam.

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What work will you be doing?

The “work” isn’t actually real work at all. Basically, all you’re doing is completing offers to earn credits. These offers are things like filling out a credit card application, signing up for a free trial to GameFly or just buying a subscription or product. Each offer is worth a certain amount of credits, and once you earn a minimum amount of credits, say 5,000, you can cash out for real money.

There are tons of problems with trying to do this type of thing as a full-time job. First of all, the majority of the offers will require spending money up front or at the very least putting down your credit card information. If you have to spend $50 to earn $52, you’re really only making $2 and that is why the income claims and widely inaccurate.

Beyond that glaring flaw in the system, you’re also going to be giving out your credit card information to a massive amount of companies and that can open the door to all sorts of problems. It isn’t always easy to cancel with companies as they try and make the process as difficult as possible, and some even hide within their terms of service secret charges they’ll put on your credit card without ever advertising or making it clear up front.

Most of the offers will be for completely random products and services you most likely aren’t interested in.

(Instant Payday Network, Online Profit for Dummies, Project Payday and Freebie Money Printer are other systems that take advantage of these trial offers, but in a slightly different way).

Red Flag #1 – They claim to offer real jobs, but their application process is shady

myflexjobs requirementsThe first step you’re walked through is filling out a quick application on their website that’ll ask you basic questions and only takes a minute to complete. But it’s merely a front to make them appear legitimate. I took 30 seconds to fill it out – not even bothering to fill in anything for the “about you” section – and upon clicking the submit button I was immediately approved to start working! No real company looking to hire employees for work at home positions would be that easy to get in.

Real companies (check out Leapforce or Pearson) would at the very least make you wait for an approval email or take a screening exam. There’s no check to verify age, location, credentials… nothing! Considering they state the average earner earns upwards of $20 dollars an hour, it can’t be that easy to get hired.

Red Flag #2 – You need to pay up front for a subscription to MyPCBackup in order to start “working”… What?!

Now, after you complete your application you can go on to watch their orientation video. Here you learn you’ll need to pay $25 for a subscription to MyPCBackup to start working for the company. This should be another red flag that they’re not the real deal. They say you’ll be reimbursed the expense as soon as you verify the purchase, but they only give you back the money in the form of credits which cannot be cashed out until you reach a certain number of them. And you’ll have to spend a lot of time (and money) earning credits before you’ll be able to cash them.

But there’s no reason why you should have to order a subscription to a PC back-up service to start working for them, especially one that is shady in and of itself! No company is going to make you pay to start working for them!

Red Flag #3 – The testimonials are fake and bought for $5 from Fiverr

If you take the time to watch the testimonials given on their website, they seem a little off. Oh, maybe it’s because they’re not real. Someone had mentioned on a forum they took their testimonials from Fiverr, but I wasn’t going to take their word without investigating into it. I took the time to go on Fiverr and actually found 2 of them immediately offering to do testimonials for $5. I took a screenshot for proof:

myflexjobs fake testimonial myflexjobs testimonial girl fake

On the left, a young blonde girl is advertising her services on Fiverr to provide a realistic testimonial for only $5. On the right, here the same girl is again on the MyFlexJob’s website… as you can see the background is identical down to the arrangement of papers pinned to the bulletin board and the unique mole above her lip (I had to make the videos full screen to notice that).

I also found the African-American guy advertising himself on Fiverr as well. I wasn’t able to recognize the other 2, but those alone should be proof enough something isn’t right here.

Red Flag #4 – Their income claims are inconsistent and entirely false

Their income claims are inconsistent throughout the site; their home page states you can earn between $12.33 to $27.90 per hour, another info-graphic only says you’ll get paid up to $23.75 per hour, but their introduction video states the average worker earns around $26. So what is it?

It really doesn’t matter because you aren’t ever going to make anywhere near that amount “working” for MyFlexJob’s. Like I previously mentioned, you’re going to have to start completing their offers to earn credits and that will take a lot of time, energy, and money to get anywhere near the cashout amount!

You won’t be doing real work… in my opinion, MyFlexJob is a huge scam!

You’re going to run into all sorts of problems if you try and do this as full-time work, first and foremost being you won’t really be making any money at all. You’ll just wrack up tons of crap charges on your credit card for things you don’t even want, just to earn a few dollars in return. You’ll also risk getting your credit card information compromised and may even have to cancel the card and get a new one. This isn’t real work, you are being scammed out of your money if you sign up for this system.

There is legitimate work at home jobs out there, but anything that is “too easy” and asks for money up front is going to not be the opportunity you thought it was.

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About the Author Wendy

Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur. I've been making money online for the past 5 years with online marketing and blogging, and I love helping others learn to do the same. You can read my full story here

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E. Christopherson says

Thanks for exposing what would be for me another online disappointment. Keep up the good work and best wishes.

S.M.Iftekhar says

Thank you so much for the review. I nearly fell for this as well. This Sandy lady sounded very convincing but like you said, a Red Flag was raised in my head when she said that I’d have to download some software. Immediately I started doing a Google search and came upon tons and tons of negative reviews. I wish I could tell you how I felt; hopeful at first upon watching this Sandy’s video, then suspicion as I continued to go through the video, then I felt disappointment/emptiness to come to the conclusion that it’s a major scam, but finally,a sense of relief that I didn’t have to spend a penny behind this nonsense.
Thank you once again!.

lika says

wendy almost fell for this scam myself. i am not computor savoy but would like to start to ear money at home are u able to suggest something?

    Wendy says

    I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been in the industry over 3 years and they’re the best program I’ve come across for beginners,and especially for those who aren’t computer savvy.

      Roe says

      Wendy ur the 7th person I came across that recommended Wealthy Affiliate to make extra money from home. So I researched WA n found out that every person u recommend thru ur website u make money on them.. Ur description, background n personal info is EXACTLY the same info from the other 6 WEALTHY AFFILIATES SCAMMERS! Ur taking advantage of all these scammed people, by scamming them a second time. Ur a disgrace. REMEMBER WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND 100 FOLD!!!!…….CONSUMERS BEWARE “WENDY IS SCAMMING U”. Research Wealthy Affiliate n ull see how much money sweet little Wendy is making off each n every one of u!!!!

        Wendy says

        Hi Roe,

        May I ask why you think I am scamming people? Your reasoning is that because you found other people recommending the same program, it must be a scam. Maybe others are recommending it because it is a decent program? I am not sure what you mean about my background and personal info being identical to others, as it is entirely my own.

        Have you tried WA? You can sign up for completely free (even without a credit card or anything) so nobody is stealing any money from you before you even know what you’d be getting yourself into (unlike 99% of “make money” programs out there). Most people who try it out for free really like it and upgrade because they want to, not because they are being scammed.

        It’s really an educational program and tools for those interesting in online business – not a “make money” program. You need to apply what you learn and work hard to actually make the money, nobody is promising you’ll join and earn money by doing steps x y z overnight.

        Yes, I do get commissions from others joining WA but it is a simple affiliate model, not a multi-level-marketing system with downlines, uplines, etc. I am not recruiting people trying to get them to recruit additional members because it is good for my paycheck – I do so because WA helped me learn how to earn a living online and I really like to see others who are struggling do the same.

        Honestly you seem pretty bitter and uninformed on this, and I am sorry you feel that way. I am always around to help anybody that needs help, and most people end up loving the program.

Jader says

Seriously ?COMPLETE scam? MyFlexJob.com is one huge scam. The PC back up they require is part if it as well!
BEWARE! Mypcbackup.com puts massive amounts of spyware on your computer! The video is a lie! This Sandy person lead you to believe you are processing other people’s trial offers validating their email addresses etc.
You are the one having to fulfill the trial offers for them and many others surveys that are asking for your email and try out cost from cents to $10. And having had some experience in the past with some of these things, sure you can sign up for their program or their trial offer but if you do not cancel within the 30 day. You will be charged. Therefore if you process eight 10, or 12 of these a day you have to remember to write down and keep some very specific logs of who you need to go back and cancel within the 30 days, or your credit cards will be maxed out within no time. This is a scam! I figured this out within 10 minutes of downloading the my PC back up program. I even wonder if the my PC back up program is not involved in this scam. Clearly if you have to lie on a video, and not be straight up and forthcoming with the truth about what and who you are people be where this is a scam! You are not working for somebody else…it is you, yes, you are the person who has to do the trial offers! BEWARE!! IS A WASTE OF TIME AND COMPLETE SCAM

    Wendy says

    Yep! That is exactly what MyFlexJob really is, the video you are talking about is a complete lie and very deceptive. I have experience with similar programs involving trial offers and I totally agree with you… you have to be VERY diligent and careful if you are trying to make money that way. It isn’t for everybody and it WON’T earn you much money.

Trinity says

thank you so much for your review. I only got as far as giving them an email address that I use for companies that always want an email address so they can fill my inbox full of junk. And watching the recruitment video from some lady called Sandy who said she wanted to recruit people to earn a trip and didn’t want to waste people’s time and money blah blah blah. As soon as she said that I would need to download a pc backup program to my computer I immediately searched for reviews and came across your page. I truly hope that anybody who watches one of these videos realizes that when something sounds to good to be true that it usually is. My recommendation to anyone looking for online work from home is to always research a potential company you may be thinking of working for!

    Wendy says

    No problem, yeah that is good advice for anybody. There are a lot of questionable programs on the internet and it can be hard for people who aren’t experienced online to know the difference between what is trash and what’s not.

Ruth says

Hi!! I found your site right before submitting my credit card information! Thank goodness!!! I really appreciate it! It was really weird. I said to myself, “Google reviews on this company Ruth” and I found your blog/post in regards to them. I quickly received an email thanking me for downloading the backup and then I quickly checked my bank statements because I didn’t submit a payment. I called them right away and they told me I was under a free trial. I kindly asked them to unsubscribe me and they did! Thank you again for your enlightenment!

    Wendy says

    Well I’m glad you decided to listen to that voice in your head, it is always smart to look into a program before buying anything. Good thing they unsubscribed you with no issues 🙂

alesha says

Hi I also fell for this scam (I made the mistake of not googling it before signing up.) I just got off the phone with MyPCBackup to get my refund. I was wondering if there is a way to delete all of my information off of the Myflexjob website? Thank you in advance!

Sharon says

Ad on Google for http://www.incomesnap.com for supposedly a legitimate job of entering data and email verification. It forwarded to http://www.flexjob.com 100% misleading site that requires you complete offers. People DO NOT get scammed. Never fill out surveys or offers. They all want a credit card so they can charge for an introductory trial or shipping. I am pissed because I wasted a good part of my day with this garbage! Still looking for a job!!!!!!!

Stephanie Jenkins says

Thank you for letting me know all about MyFlexjob because I signed up for them and was getting ready to download the MyPCBackup and your blog caught my eye. thank you, thank you. I’m looking for something to do from home, please tell me what it is that you do and can you please tell me how I can do it as well. Thank you

    Wendy says

    Hey Stephanie, no problem. If you are looking for something to do from home I recommend you check out my #1 recommendation. It isn’t a “job”, but it’s a great training platform if you’re interested in creating an online business (basically, if you want to learn how to make money on the internet from home). 🙂

    Jennifer says

    I was too!!!! I found it on craigslist, sent my information, and received an email immediately on where to head from there. I watched the video and it all sounded great!!! Until, they said I would have to download software….nooooo! So I googled and found your site! Thank goodness. They sayt to pay $25 for the software that you HAVE to use and it will be made back within your work. I don’t think so….SO YES!!!!! THANK YOU! FAKE site…..don’t use!

Emily in Tampa says

I thought I was doing it wrong, I would click an assignment but it took me to a sign-up page(that’s odd). I logged out then back in and tried again with a different assignment but it was the same thing and some were saying I had to pay shipping fees. (head slanted, eyebrow raised). I mean REALLY?? It is consuming enough just to fill out the apps but to be duped too. That sucks.

    Wendy says

    Yeah, so sorry Emily! It amazes me how companies like this continue to exist and fool innocent people every single day.

Jenny Fletcher says

I am kicking myself about falling for this, it sounds so believable. I was only looking for something else to supplement my pension, along with online surveys and mystery shopping . A lot of scams out there offering these possibilities, but I am with some really good and reputable companies and happy to share info about the real ones.

Don’t believe claims that you can make hundreds of dollars or pounds a month from surveys btw – you’ll be lucky if you make more than about £30. Mystery shopping isn’t wildly profitable but I do get to eat out when I would not have done otherwise and get the occasional bag of grocery shopping.

Please take a look at my blog for honest and worthwhile income ideas

    Wendy says

    Thanks for the feedback Jenny! I know, it really does look like a legit job site at first. I don’t know anyone that has ever earned more than a few dollars here and there from survey websites, they’re pretty much a huge waste of time if you ask me. I’ve known people who were mystery shoppers, but again… aside from getting to eat out for free every now and then and get a few extra bucks, it doesn’t amount to anything significant.

    Jackie Hughed says

    Jenny, don’t feel bad, I fell for it, too. $5 startup fee is what I was told, only to have 77.77 and 6.99 charged to my card, not to mention the over 140.00 a year for My PC backup. I’d love to hear of the real opportunities you found. I have no money to pay for work. Please send real inquiries to me at jck635@yahoo.com. I’ll be happy to use you as a referral if I sign up.

henrietta says

Hi fell for this. is there a way i can get a refund back on the mypcback up?

    Mark W. Chidester says

    Hello Henrietta. I fell for this as well.

    Upon realizing the MyFlexJobs.com was a scam, I called MyPCBackup, and explained the situation to them, asking for a refund of my purchase, as the purchase had been part of a job-scam.

    MyPCBackup has an “Any reason” refund policy, where you just contact them and let them know you want to cancel the service, and they refund your account you paid from. I called same-day, and they cancelled the service, without ever even pulling the money from my bank account.

    “Clicking through their site, you can find this contact info for their company:
    The telephone support team is able to provide help with billing, renewal enquiries, and unrecognised charges. Regrettably no technical support can be provided over the phone.

    United States 1-888-851-0954 FREE
    United Kingdom 0333-370-6510
    Europe 0044-333-370-6510
    Australia 1-800-039-220
    Canada 1-888-851-0954 FREE
    International 001-888-851-0954 FREE”

    They were friendly and courteous when I called. If I had need for such a service (other than the hopeful income source “job”), I would have happily continued to do business with them. Instead, they politely confirmed my information and reversed charges for me immediately.

    I hope they can help you as well!

Marley says

A big thank you! Reading this just saved me a lot of money and grief! I got through to the certification process and was hesitant about downloading the MyPCbackup to my computer. I kept weighing my options and pondering whether to try MyFlexJobs or not…after reading this, I’m so glad I didn’t. Again, THANK YOU!

    Wendy says

    Glad I could help save you! 🙂

      Priscilla Moore says

      I am trying to work on your site…. MyFlexJob.com but i forgot my password, I sent my email to receive a password reset and it has not been sent to me yet! I did this an hour ago!! Please help! Priscilla

        Wendy says

        Pricilla, I do not work for MyFlexJob. Im sorry you are experiencing this issue, the only thing I could suggest is looking in your spam folder because often times password resets will get sent there.

        If you read my review, you’d see the program is pretty much a scam, so I would suggest you not go further trying to “work” for this company. I would recommend checking out a more legitimate opportunity.

    Fariduddin says


    It is hard for me to write all the things in my mind right now. But I can say Thank You and I am happy I did not upgrade My PC Backup to pay 25$.

    I am really sorry for those people who just thinking of cheating people and miss using their positive thinking.

    After this, I need a help and that is:
    is there any legitimate web-sites to work for it and have a real job?

    Many thanks once again

Connie says

I always do a search to see if an offer is legit, and for some reason I did not do that this time. MyFlexJob is a joke and I’m quite upset, mostly at myself for not doing the research first. I’ll be signing up for your email course.

Scott Lopez says

I did a google search with the headline of the video…I found this ( https://www.fiverr.com/quickiefit/film-a-realistic-video-testimonial-in-24-hrs). I can’t believe that I was about to give my credit card info to start this program.


Lisa Johnson says

Hi Wendy, thankyou for your research into this company. I too fell scam under these people as you can see by my email address! I too was so excited to get this job as I am trying to make $ legitimately online. What a joke. I was so angry. I totally thought that the online franchise was legit until I decided to see what I was advertising. What a terrible thing to do to anybody thats trying to make a few bucks for their family. Paul Birdsal and Alex ? are both rotten individuals in my book and should be arrested.I am already a member at WA so I will see you over there…TY for the work that you do. I knew this girl was a fiverr. I just knew it.lol!This company got me for almost a hundo.ugh!! And here I was just trying to make a few $…Thanks again Lisa aka (spaceyplacey1@gmail.com)

Jon says

Yes. This is a proven scam further complicated by it being a heavily promoted affiliate program as well. You are not processing a thing. You are signing up for CPA offers and THEY get paid!

    Wendy says

    Yeah pretty much!

Zac says

Hello Wendy. I am an Army Veteran and a full time Student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I have twin sons and a daughter. I was recently injured and I can’t support my family so I was wondering if you could possibly e-mail me a list of real internet jobs, as you mentioned above there are some. I’ve reached at the minimum 20 and all seem like a scam and from researching obviously “name of company>scam” on google, they are.

    Wendy says

    Unfortunately there’s a lot of scams in the “online jobs” industry, it’s just the way it is. There’s always people who will fall for it and people like to take advantage of that. If you take a look at the program I recommend, Wealthy Affiliate, I think you’ll find it’s a bit different from all the others out there.

dennise says

I have been doingbthis for a few days defiantly not what I expected. I was really excite as I thought this was real . if anyone has suggesting and sites that are legit real and not spending money that I don’t have. Please help .

    Wendy says

    Hey, I suggest you take a look at the training I recommend here. You can sign up for my email course within the right hand sidebar and it’ll get you started!

Kelly Pierce says

Thanks for the 411 on MyFlexJob I recently signed up with them and like you said I’m left with more questions than answers.Thanks to you,questions answered.Please send me an email and tell me about your business opprotunity thanks again.

    Wendy says

    Hey Kelly, no problem. You can sign up for my email course within the left hand sidebar here and I will send you emails each day guiding you through the process of what exactly it is that I do and how you can do it as well. If you have further questions you can always reply to my emails! 🙂

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