Work at Home Institute Review, Is It Really Worth the $97?

work at home institute reviewProduct: Work at Home Institute
(aka Work at Home University, Careers @ Home University, Online Home Careers, + more)
Creator: “Bobbie Robinson”
Price: $97, varies
Rank: 0/100 – SCAM

Work at Home Institute Review – A Brief Introduction

Perhaps you’ve come across this program from an email announcement or a work at home news story, but whatever the source, you’re most likely wondering if this system could actually be real – is Work at Home Institute actually be the solution to all your financial woes, once and for all?

Well, that’s highly unlikely. WAH Institute is an alias for one company that goes by several different names. They teach you how to “post links” from home and get paid, and while technically you can do that, it is not anything like they claim and you will not start earning that type of money instantly (or at all, given their training). This is NOT a good program for a beginner in my opinion and is extremely scammy. I’ve been contacted by so many people claiming they are unable to get refunds after they bought the product (and it was nothing like they’d thought it’d be) so I’d be hesitate to give this company any of your money.

If you want real training that’ll teach you how to earn a sustainable income online, go here.

This product has an extremely MISLEADING sales page

money calculator

Their sales page in no way accurately represents what you will get with this product. What you actually recieve is unhelpful training videos and are asked to invest 1,000’s of dollars in upsells (with your “one on one consultation with an expert”). Furthermore, they make it appear as if all you need to do is post a few links here and there and you’re instantly going to be pulling in thousands of dollars virtually overnight.

In reality that WON’T happen. What they’re explaining to you in a broad sense within their sales page is affiliate marketing, which is definitely real. You really can get paid to “post links” on a website and help people find what they’re looking for, and a major part of that is learning how to get seen in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo so you can help people when they need to find out further information on products, services and well, anything else.

But it doesn’t happen the way they claim it does and is a lot harder than “posting links”. There’s absolutely no way you can simply calculate your income based on the amount of links you post and days you work, that is ludicrous.  1,000’s of dollars will not be rolling into your bank account overnight.

What you really need to be successful is to build an online business. It takes time, hard work and dedication – not to mention proper training.

All the “news reports” are advertorials

a to z cash system scamBecause literally anyone with internet access can set up a website, you really have to be careful what information you choose to trust. There’s many “news” sites that may appear legitimate, but they’re actually just set up to look like real news in an attempt to sell you something.

I’ve seen fake news stories advertising products like this all the time, and they lure folks in with email alerts promising data entry or typing positions with no experience required, when in reality they’re trying to sell you a horrible product that claims to teach you how to work online at home (but really doesn’t end up helping anyone at all).

Does this same program hide under multiple indentities?

These are just a few of the names this company has taken on, but definitely not an all-inclusive list:

Work At Home University
Online Home Careers
Careers at Home University
Stay at Home Revenue
Web Fortune Masters

…. plus many more.

And every time they use the same exact sales page with absolutely nothing changed except for the name (oh, and the name of the creator too).

Not only does the program rename itself, so does the creator! Bobbie Robinson is not a real person…

I’ve seen their “#1 job consultant in America” to go by several names – Michelle Withrow, Melissa Mayer, Bobbie Robinson… and it’s always the same exact lady with the same story… This is highly suspicious and dishonest, wouldn’t you say?

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The initial price they try to sell you on this is for $97, but you can also get it for $77 or $47. However that isn’t the end, the reason they ask for your phone number is so they can call and try to get you to buy into many expensive upsells that you don’t need.

Any time a “job opportunity” makes you pay up front with very little information, you probably shouldn’t get involved.

Why would a legit program that wanted to help you make money have MANY different guises and a fake creator ?

Because it wouldn’t. They’re renaming the system as many times as they can get away with it to try and get as many people as possible signed up for their program. I wouldn’t recommend you spend $97 on this program. I’ve had many people contact me in regards to their other “programs” and complain they can’t get their money back. So they’re not 100% upfront about their refund claim and if you choose to put down your credit card with them, you may have a hard time getting your money back!

It’s programs such as this that end up making people suspicious about the whole make money online industry. After seeing enough programs like these floating around, most people end up thinking that working online is just a myth, something that is talked about to death but never actually done.

There’s nothing out there that is going to make you rich overnight, but there are better training programs you can try (even for free) that will help you get your feet wet in the industry and see if you actually like it before you put down your hard earned money.

Truth: There’s no easy, instant solution to earning money on the internet. Learn how to build a real business online.

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Thanks Wendy for confirming what I already thought, another get rich scam!
Keep up the good work!

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    No problem, Richard.

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I am looking for a legit online income job. I need something real, and that will not take years to see incoming money, or that I got to spend a truck load of cash just to get leading information.

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