Is Freebie Money Printer A Scam Or Legit?

freebie money printer homepageProduct: Freebie Money Printer
Creator:  Scott Agee & Stefan Dessalines
Price: Free, but must complete CPA offers + upsells, upsells, UPSELLS!
Rank: 59/100 – Borderline legit, be careful with CPA offers and upsells

Unlike the name states, this program will not be printing you free money. This is yet another “free” system that takes advantage of these CPA referral sites. I’ve reviewed many similar systems like it before – Instant Payday Network, Online Profit for Dummies, Project Payday.. plus several more.

While it’s free to sign up and get access to their marketing system, you’re going to have to put down a credit card for the required offers to get approved and actually be able to make money with the system. I won’t go as far to say that Freebie Money Printer is a scam, but their income claims of $1,600 – $10,000/month are highly unrealistic considering their target is newbies.

Beginners don’t realize the challenges they’re going to face trying to market this system; Scott and Stefan make it seem like it’s a piece of cake to get 100’s of leads per day. It’s not – especially if you’re trying to market purely with a cookie cutter capture page and offer nothing of subsantial value.

How Freebie Money Printer Works

There’s 5 steps which you’ll be walked through via video training by both Scott and Stefan.

Big Kabang 40Step 1 Sign up to BigKabang

This is a CPA offer referral site, much like and All of these programs work the same way – you sign up for various trial offers, e.g., a 30 day trial to or a subscription to The Disney Book Club. There’s usually quite a large selection to choose from.

They claim these are all fortune 500 companies, but the majority of them are random, lesser known companies who offer services most people don’t even want.

Some of the companies offer free trials, but others you’ll need to pay for up front. Each offer is worth anywhere from .05 – 1 full credit, and in the case of BigKabang, you’ll need to complete enough to earn 1 full credit.


For example, here you could complete a free trial from and MyPCBackup to earn a full credit. But this is decieving, because even though it says the MyPCBackup offer is free, it’s not. While you can create an account with their company for free, you have to actually order their backup services to get the .8 credit and that’ll cost you about $7 for your first month. While it may not be much money, it’s still not free. will charge you $29.95 every month after your free trial if you do not cancel.

After you’ve completed your offers, you’ll be eligible to earn a $40 commission for each referral you bring to BigKabang who completes their 1 credit requirement.

This is where FMP comes in to play. They provide you with a system – a lead capture page, autoresponder follow ups and basic training on how to get others to join via your referral link and complete their offers so you can earn some cash.

The downside of CPA offers…

Usually there’s only a handful of truly free offers which are only worth between .1 – .2 credits each. You’ll have to sign up for possible 7 or 8 free trial offers to complete the 1 credit requirement if you want to go 100% free. Even then, you’re required to keep your trial for 85% of the period, so if you sign up for a 30 day trial you have to wait about 3 weeks to cancel if you don’t want to lose your credit from BigKaboom.

You’ll just need to be very careful and keep track of everything you sign up for and the dates you’ll need to cancel. You don’t want to risk getting your credit card charged a $59.95 monthly subcription for something you dont even want.

Cancelling these trials, however, requires calling their customer service lines, which is never fun to deal with. Their reps are usually trained to try and keep customers no matter what, so they always make cancelling as difficult as possible.

This is how all my cancellation calls seem to go down…

“Hey I’d like to canel my trial please..”
“Why? What do you not like about our company?”
“I have no interest in it, I’d just like to cancel”
“But did you know… (insert line here)… wouldn’t that benefit you?”
“No, I’d like to cancel please”
“What if we were to offer you (insert offer here), would you like to stay a member?”
“NO! I want to cancel”
“Let me transfer you to our cancellation specialist”

*on hold for 10 minutes*

“Hello, I heard you want to cancel, would you mind telling me why?”
“Um, I JUST explained that to the previous representative… please cancel my account”
“But… did you know (insert line here).. would that interest you in staying a member?”

It’s insane… you have to be strong and say “no” sometimes literally over 10 times for them to get the point. I wouldn’t want to deal with that 8 times in a row!

It may be easier just to complete an offer where you pay up front, since those are usually worth more and you’ll have to complete less to get the full credit. Sometimes you can even find a single offer that’s worth 1 credit, although those ones usually requires a larger purchase.

Step 2Gives a basic overview of using their marketing system

Freebie Money Printer provides lead capture pages and autoresponder follow up messages, and this step walks you through everything provided to you with the free account. But they pretty much spend the entire video discussing what features are included in their marketing system, and there really isn’t any training on how to actually market your page to get leads.

A total newbie would be completely confused and clueless.

Step 3 – Optional – Join “team co-op”

This is one of many additional upsells these guys try to push on you. Team Co-Op is a system where they’ll do all the marketing work for you and guarantee you between 8-15 clicks every day to your capture page.

The price? $40 per week… that’s $160 every month!

On the low end, that’s 56 clicks per week. Out of those 56 weekly clicks, you’d need to get 2 referrals who not only sign up via your capture page, but go on to complete their 1 credit offer requirement in order to profit.

cookie cutter capture pageIt may seem doable, but keep in mind clicks don’t equal money, and not all clicks are equal. Who knows exactly where these bought clicks are coming from and if they’re even quality clicks that could lead to conversions.

From my online marketing experience, I can tell you that you’re wasting your money spending $40 every week to get a measly 8 clicks a day. Capture pages, especially cookie cutter ones like this, where your leads come from places like forums, Craigslist, or social media oulets do not convert well. You’d need literally thousands of eyeballs viewing your page on a daily basis and probably hundreds of clicks to get any sort of reliable conversions from it and that kind of traffic is extremely hard to get.

Step 4Optional – Purchase Automatic Lead Tools

Here comes the second upsell, Automatic Lead Tools. This is software that’ll cost you a hefty $497 intial investment + $97/month in recurring charges

ALT provides data mining software that’ll allow you to scour the internet from sources such as Google, Bing, Craigslist, Monster, etc for people’s names and phone numbers using particular keywords. For example, you could search for Google for “Vemma” and it’ll give you a list of thousands of phone numbers and email addresses from people associated with Vemma. The idea is people in Vemma probably aren’t making money, want to be making money, and therefore would be interested in using the Freebie Money Printer system.

It also allows you to send out automatic broadcasts via phone so you can contact people 24/7… and you’d officially be one of those annoying telemarketer sales people everyone hates.

This software allows you to contact people for unsolicited sales; these people did not ask to be contacted about FMP and are most likely not interested. Do you really want to be that guy?

Step 5 Optional – Ultimate Money Printer

And this is there third upsell, which will cost you $19.95/month. They provide you more training, and also give you a list of all the programs they’re associated with that you can also join to make more money. So you can pay to get referred to more programs that’ll cost you more money.

These are MLM companies, like Pure Leverage, which I also don’t recommend.

scott freebie money printerUpsell total = $497 + $277 per month in recurring charges… WOW!

These upsells are entirely optional, of course, but they really do play on people’s emotions and make them think they’re missing out on the real money if they don’t buy in to all of them.

The reality is though, this investment is more than most people can afford, and more than most would ever make using all of them combined. You’re probably going to lose money if you shell it all out into these programs.

Final Thoughts – Would I recommend Freebie Money Maker?

While you can join this program for free and earn some money if you put in the effort, I wouldn’t really recommend it. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get involved in too many of these trial offers because you could end up getting in over your head if you’re not very careful about it.There’s also way too many upsells within the Freebie Money Maker program which are a sure way to guarantee people lose money.

Furthermore, the marketing methods are not anything that is going to lead to sustainable success online. The cookie cutter capture page approach is dated and way over-used. Any beginner will be hard pressed to find consistent, converting leads and it would be more beneficial for them to join a program where they can learn ways to create long term success online.


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