Replace Your Job Scam – Kelly Scott Isn’t Who She Seems

replace your job scam Replace Your Job, formerly known as Internet Careers Online or Home Income Careers is one of many common link posting scams going around the internet. I have seen dozens of these and they all follow the same cookie cutter format from the site design right down to the struggling single mom sob story.

How can you tell Replace Your Job is really a scam?

The first dead giveaway is that this program is not unique in any way, it is identical to countless other programs that all follow the exact same formant. If you don’t believe me, try taking a look at similar scams that I’ve reviewed like Work At Home University or Online Home Careers. The comments section on those pages alone should leave you running for the hills!

The creator of Replace Your Job is supposedly a woman named Kelly Scott. But let’s address all the fake identities these scammers are coming up with (and constantly changing) that claim to have gone from struggling single mom to internet success. She’s been Michelle Withrow, Jessica Marshall, Bobbie Robinson, and now for this program it’s Kelly Scott (and those are just the ones I’m currently aware of, I’m willing to bet there’s more).

Some of them have actually used the exact same images for her and they were all taken from stock photo sites.

This program has all the classic warning signs of an internet business opportunity scam according to the Federal Trade Commission

replace your job step by stepTaken directly from the FTC’s site, you should watch out for these signs when dealing with online business opportunities:

  • -You’re told you can earn thousands of dollars a month 
  • -No experience necessary because an expert will coach you
  • -You’re pressured to buy in right away
  • -Once you pay, the company says you won’t succeed unless you pay for more pricey services

Replace Your Job is definitely adhering to each one of these statements. Let’s take a closer look…

You’re told you can earn thousands of dollars a month (in particular when it’s accompanied by being instant and easy)

You’re directly told you can “earn up to $379 per day” and there’s even a calculator to figure out how much you can earn doing x amount of work. What is so wrong about this is that absolutely no program out there (not even the legitimate ones) can guarantee you’ll make money. There are just too many factors at play to be able to make blanket statements like that… it depends on the individual.

When it comes to online business, it’s still very much like a real business even though it’s handled through the internet. It takes hard work and preserverence to be successful and there’s no formula that exists that can tell you how much money you’ll make at it.

While it’s true that it’s very possible to make 1,000’s per month with an internet business, it isn’t exactly easy, and it definitely doesn’t work by paying some work at home program like Replace Your Job, Home Income Careers, Internet Careers Online and the countless others $97. Making money online is entirely dependent on having access to a quality educational source the work you put into it, not what some program claims to “offer” you.

Look for programs that focus on education and support when it comes to starting up an online business, not ones that promise you oodles of money doing no work.

No experience necessary because they coach you

While the “no experience necessary” claim isn’t a tell tale sign of a hoax, you have to be careful with what exactly it is they mean and what they are offering you.

With Replace You Job and and similar programs they offer you “one-on-one consultation with an expert”.  Basically this means they’re going to call you and have someone try and get you to buy a lot of additional products, tools and services that’ll help make you successful. I’ve heard them even try to talk some people into spending upwards of 10,000!

While getting help and advice from others is often necessary and encouraged when starting out online, these types of programs don’t offer actual coaching or real help at all – it’s really just their way of dumping their sales team on you to get you to buy and buy until all your credit cards are maxed out.

You’re pressured to buy in right away

If you’ve read the sales page for Replace Your Job, you know there’s definitely pressure. In fact, I was told there are only 9 positions in my area, and by the time I got down to the bottom of the page there were only 3!

Another thing they do is lower the price on you if you try to exit the sales page. The price for this program is offered at $97, $77, $47, $37 and $27. Each time you try to exit the screen, it’ll pop up with a lower price to try and entice you to buy. This is called down-selling and is a very common practice with programs that are lower quality because after you buy in, they immediately try to upsell you (to buy more products and services) and they know you’ll be more likely to buy more if you felt like you already “got a deal”.

If they were offering you a quality service, they wouldn’t be playing these type of games. While some would argue that it’s just good marketing, it’s generally the marketing tactics of people who sell poor quality products or scams.

Once you pay, the company says you won’t succeed unless you pay for more pricey services

This pretty much ties in with the personal coaching and upselling, but it’s what happens in pretty much all scammy or questionable programs like this. They suck you in with a really low entrance point price and make you think you’re going to get everything you need with that price. Then, they throw a bunch of crap at you that you either don’t really need or is ridiculously over-priced and try and get you to take the bait.

And just one last glaring red flag… they make it seem WAY TOO EASY!

replace your job scam trainingReplace Your Job’s claim that you can make all this money easily should perhaps be the biggest cause for concern. They try to explain to you exactly how easy it is by saying all that’s required is placing links for big companies around the internet and then sitting back and watching the money roll in.

They then even try and equate each link posted to a certain amount of money earned, which isn’t how it works at all.

And thats the problem… they’re flat out decieving you!

You see, the process they’re referring to in which you’re posting links for big companies like Dell and Apple is actually a real thing… it’s called affiliate marketing.

The problem is the way in which it’s described isn’t really how it works, at least not if you want to make money doing it!

So yes, it’s true that companies give unique links to certain people that they can post online and earn commissions from. It’s just not as simple as posting them and watching money flow in. And if you buy into scams like Replace Your Job that claim it takes no work and don’t expect to do much then I can guarentee that you will fail.

That is why there’s program after program popping up and quickly dissappearing, with a new one ready to take its place (or the same one that just gets renamed)…because they aren’t legitimate.

I dont understand how theyre allowed to keep doing this, but in the mean time consider this a warning.

If you want to make money online, focus on finding a proper education, not a quick money making scheme.

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