Affiliate Business Group LLC – One of Several Amazon Scams

affiliate business group llc scamProgram: Affiliate Business Group LLC
Price: varies, $199+ $1,000’s in upsells
Rating: 0/100 (scam)

Background: How I discovered Affiliate Business Group LLC

Ever since I’ve been marketing online I’ve always been a big advocate of teaching affiliate marketing to others, and have come to know and trust as being a great place for many to start. I wrote a thorough and heartfelt article detailing the Amazon Associates program and fully recommended it for those just starting out.

But just as I thought I was helping those doing their due diligence a favor, something happened…

I started getting comments on that article as well as several emails telling me they’ve just paid people to become an Amazon Associate and are now left wondering if the offer was actually legitimate. The pricing never seemed to be completely consistent, but ranged anywhere from a $29 monthly charges to a $500 initial fee and then $1,000’s more for upsells.

I was left wondering if I just totally mislead people into thinking THOSE offers were real. The inconsistency in pricing led me to believe it wasn’t just a single company doing this, and as I began doing further research, I found their was an entire group of scam programs claiming to work for Amazon.. One of the most popular was known as Affiliate Business Group, LLC but there were several others very similar in nature; Affiliate Masters LLC, Buckeye Impact Group LLC, Logix9 and several more.


The Affiliate Business Group appears to charge a $199 fee for the initial website set up. This gives you a canned website with Amazon links and widgets and you’re told if you can get traffic to the site, you will make big money off the sales. But then of course you have no clue how to bring in traffic to a website such as this, so they try to get you to spend thousands of dollars for traffic hits to your site.

Then, with ABG you can spend another $100 for a unique affiliate link to offer others a chance to join the program as well.

They also promise you a money back guarantee if you don’t make anything after your first year, but according to various complaints with the BBB no such refunds were offered (and of course no such luck making money).

Affiliate Business Group LLC vs Amazon Associates

No matter what company is soliciting you with these types of offers, whether it be ABG, Affiliate Masters or one of the countless others, realize that none of these have any connection at all to the actual Amazon Associates program.

The real program is completely free for anyone to sign up and apply, and while it’s a completely legitimate program it isn’t exactly easy to earn money from it. While the actual affiliate program is free, you’ll still have to spend money on other things like web hosting and training.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can pay one of these companies to hash out an awesome money generating website for you, because it doesn’t work like that.

The reality – Why none of this will work

Creating a cookie cutter website with nothing but links to products on Amazon is a terrible idea and is pretty much a way to set yourself up for complete failure.

First you should ask yourself:

Why would anyone want to buy from your site?

Where is your traffic coming from?

You need to create quality content within your promotions and a reason for others to want to visit your site. If you have nothing to add to the site aside from affiliate links and regenerated content directly from Amazon then there’s no reason for your site to exist.

While paying for a traffic package may seem like a good idea, you have no idea where that traffic is coming from or even who that traffic is (it may be bots). The point is, if it isn’t focused traffic that is interested in what you have to say or sell then it will not convert, and if there’s no conversions that 1,000’s you just spent was a huge waste.

You’re much better off learning the real way to make money from Amazon and other affiliate programs and not letting some scam artist talk you into a deal that seems to good to be true.

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