Paid Social Media Jobs – Scam or Legit?

paid social media jobs scamProduct: Paid Social Media Jobs
Price: $47
Rating: 2/5 stars

This company seemingly gives people access to hundreds of social media jobs across the internet where you’ll seemingly easily be able to start earning hundreds of dollars every week. Is this legit or is Paid Social Media Jobs a scam?

While it’s true that companies do hire for social media positions and smaller companies will outsource the work to freelancers, Paid Social Media Jobs is a different story.

The problem with this (and other programs like it) is they make you pay a fee to access what you can find for completely free elsewhere online. They also use misleading advertising tactics and don’t tell you the full story of what it really takes to make money in the industry.

What’s included with your membership?

With your $47 purchase you’ll get access to basic “training” on how to start as a social media manager, the Paid Social Media Jobs Marketplace, and the job board.

The training is mostly an overview of different social media spaces like Facebook and Twitter, and why companies invest into hiring people to manage these aspects of their business.

The problem is the “training” is more like an overview rather than actual training. It’s not any type of step by step program that’ll teach you how to get a proper start as a freelance social media manager.

What jobs will you get?

The job boards are full of companies wanting likes to their Facebook pages, views to their YouTube videos, replies to comments on their fan pages/vidoes, or companies that just want their social media accounts set up and are willing to pay someone to do it.

With no experience you’ll be restricted to remedial tasks such as setting up a Facebook fan page or Twitter account. These aren’t going to pay well at all, at least nowhere near the amounts they advertise on their sales page. Many are only willing to pay a few bucks per hour for your efforts.

You need to realize a few things before you get involved in something like this –

  • You’re not automatically going to land a job when you join this program. It will take a lot of effort and when you’re just starting out you’re only going to have a shot at the simple jobs that pay next to nothing and require no experience.
  • Social Media freelance jobs are competitive. There’s a lot of people out there that have solid reputations in the freelance industry and have backed themselves with rich portfolios and testimonials. These are the type of people that companies with real money to spend will hire, not the type of people that join a site like Paid Social Media Jobs.
  • You can find freelance social media projects on entirely free job posting boards without paying for access to anything.

Unlike the program leads you to believe, you won’t instantly start working and making hundreds just from joining. You can make that type of money doing this work, but it takes a lot of experience and resume building to work up to it.

Finding social media positions for free

There a multitude of free sites out there where companies or individuals will advertise services needed for freelance positions. You can join any one of these at no cost and apply for projects. Some of the more popular ones include,,,, but there are many, many more you can check out.

social media jobs

fiverr social media servicesAnother site that part of Paid Social Media Jobs mimics is This is another type of freelance site where individuals advertise their unique services starting at just $5. The PSMJ marketplace is pretty much a direct copy of this, where members advertise “I will do __ for only $__” just like Fiverr… only it’s not credible or anywhere near as large as Fiverr (which is completely free).

But the truth is, you’re not going to easily find work in this field with absolutely no experience. These jobs are in high demand and there are a lot of people applying or advertising themselves for the very same work. Also keep in mind small companies that outsource tasks like this are on a limited budget, and most often will hire it for as little as possible.

Why I think Paid Social Media Jobs is a total scam

Freelance social media work is indeed a very real thing, but Paid Social Media Jobs lures people in with false pretences and doesn’t deliver on any of its claims.

It just packages up what you can get entirely free access to elsewhere, offers no real training and is extremely misleading in the sales pitch, not telling the whole story about what it takes to make money with this type of work.

They also go so far as to use a Fox News clip (whether it’s real or not, I’m not sure) to try and make the site seem real. The reality is, however, the story is a generic piece about social media managers and doesn’t mention or credit Paid Social Media Jobs in any way.

There’s similar types of programs out there that package up job opportunities into package deals and membership sites to earn money from people who don’t know any better. This is very common with freelance writing jobs and online survey sites. Take Legit Writing Jobs or Get Cash For Surveys, for example. They pull job postings or survey sites from free postings on the internet and then charge you for it.

The common theme amongst these is that they’re Clickbank products. These are usually lower quality and entice others to promote them with very large commission chunks. If you come across a flood of positive reviews for any program you find questionable, there’s probably a reason behind it. Many people will promote something they don’t know anything about just because they’re looking for a payout.

Final opinion

It takes hard work to break into the field and there’s no miracle program that’ll make it easy. If you are seriously interested in getting involved with social media work, find some real training that’ll teach you how to get involved. Start with smaller gigs on free job posting sites to start gaining experience, or even offer to work for free if that’s what it takes.

Moral of story – don’t trust any “job” site that makes you pay a fee to access job listings. They’re always the same and contrary to what they claim don’t actually guarantee you any jobs.

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