Is Work At Home Authority Legit?

work at home authority scamIf you’ve come across Michelle Withrow’s (sometimes known as Michelle Owens) WAHA site, you may be wondering if the recommendations are legitimate programs or if it’s all just another scam.

So is Work At Home Authority legit? Well, there’s several red flags with both the legitimacy of the website and the suggested work at home programs. It was created entirely to funnel people into 2 different making money online scams, Work at Home Institute and Paid Surveys & More. According to the site, these are the the best programs for people to start making money online.

I have to say however, that I entirely disagree. Let me explain a little bit behind the scenes on both Michelle and her top two recommendations to paint a clearer picture.

Who is Michelle Withrow?

The first thing you should know is that Michelle Withrow (or Owens) isn’t a real person. She’s just a fake identity these scammers have come up with. Her image is merely a stock photo and her program has been disguised under several different names; a new one seems to pop up every few months. (You can read more about who Michelle really is in my Work at Home University review).

Let’s take a closer look at Work at Home Authority’s top recommendations

Work at Home Institute

I’ve already reviewed the Work at Home Institute program so if you want a complete analysis, go and read my review here. In short, it’s a copy cat program that has been floating around the internet for quite some time, always changing identities and hiding behind other names when people catch wind and start voicing complaints. Every website is nearly identical – Michelle’s story, the site’s appearance, testimonials and even the sales pitch remain unchanged.

Basically it comes down to spouting a bunch of hype that doesn’t deliver on any of its promises. The “link posting” they’re referring to is a real thing, but it doesn’t work the way they make it out to and is rather difficult to get started in. It takes a lot of time and effort and you aren’t going to just randomly post links and make a ton of money from at home authority recommendations

What you’re really dealing with when you purchase programs like Work at Home Institute is a very low quality product that doesn’t do anything it says it will, and then tries to get you to buy in to 1,000’s of dollars in upsells. They prey on people who don’t know anything about making an income online and convince them to spend their money on overpriced and/or unnecessary services and products.

Paid Surveys and More

While I haven’t reviewed this specific program, I am very familiar with online surveys and how they work. Online surveys themselves aren’t scams, but websites that make you pay to access survey lists, like Paid Surveys and More, definitely are. (I’ve reviewed an extremely similar program called Get Cash For Surveys if you’d like to check out an example of what you’re getting yourself into).

The reality is there’s an endless amount of survey sites that are 100% free to join and once you do, there is a never ending feed of new survey sites to sign up for free. There’s no advantage of paying for a system to gain access to survey lists because they’re all the same – they give the exact same survey sites as the free ones do!

The real purpose of paid survey sites like Paid Surveys and More is to try and get you to spend more money on additional products and services you probably don’t need, and ones that are entirely unrelated to taking online surveys.

If you want to make extra cash with surveys, check out Survey Junkie, Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars. At least those are 100% free to join so you won’t be wasting anything but your time.

My final opinion

The top recommendations suggested by “Michelle Withrow” on her Work At Home Authority site are both scams. Both of them lure you in with the promise of making a lot of money, then only try to push you into spending a lot more money once you sign up. The site was created to try and make Work at Home Institute and Paid Surveys and More appear legit, but it’s really just a clever facade.

When signing up for any type of make money online program, you can never be too cautious. Anything that makes you put down money up front before you even know what the heck it is you’re really going to be doing, you should really think twice about.

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