Are Search Engine Evaluator Jobs with Leapforce a Scam?

Company: Leapforce (also RaterLabs)
Job: Search Engine Evaluator
Summary: Overall a legit work at home job – pay starts at $13/hour in the United States, but that rate can be highly deceiving due to the fact they won’t pay you for much of the time you spend working. Read in full for more details.

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Leapforce is one of a small handful of companies that hire at home search engine evaluators. However, they have extremely mixed reviews online – some are claiming it’s a scam, yet others say it’s great. So where lies the truth? Let’s take a closer look to find out exactly what Leapforce is all about and why people are making such claims.

If you’re searching for to see if RaterLabs if a legit opportunity,  this is essentially the same. If you go to Leapforce’s website and click apply, you are taken to the page to apply to RaterLabs.

So what’s the deal? Is Leapforce a scam?

leapforce claims

Actually, they’re not any sort of scam at all. They’re a legitimate independent company contracted by the big search engine companies (Google) to help them assess their algorithm. They say Google is always striving to be the best and give quality results, and they hire real people to help them in the process. When you’re hired as a search engine evaluator, you’re an independent contractor – not an employee. This means that you’re paycheck is not taxed and you’re responsible for withholding your own taxes.

In order to get hired you need to fill out an online application and submit a resume. If you’re selected, you have to take a series of 2 exams. They send you the training material and give you 1 week to take it. It’s a very difficult exam and a lot of people won’t pass. But if you do, you’ll be hired on and will earn about $13/hour.

Even if you do pass, you’re not a permenant employee. You could be let go at any time and your work could fail to meet their guidelines and productivity standards. Ultimately it isn’t a sustainable income source for most people.

This is what sucks about trying to work for Leapforce…

#1 – Their pay rate is misleading

You’re told that you’ll be making a certain amount hourly, however that is not 100% accurate. You are paid for the time it should have taken you to do the work rather than how long it actually took you to do the work. In other words, they calculate how long they think each task will take you, and pay you for each task no matter how long it took.

If they think a task will take you 5 minutes but it takes you 10, you’ll only be allowed to get paid for 5 minutes. Alternatively if it took you 3 minutes to do that 5 minute task, you don’t get paid more for working faster – you just have to sit there for that 2 extra minutes and wait for the next task. Those who work slower will end up getting paid a lot less and potentially fired if they are too slow.

Those who work too fast won’t get any added benefit and could end up being punished too if they think they’re going too fast. Ultimately, you need to work at their pace.

#2 – You’re not paid for training (which takes up a lot of time)

Once you get past the initial examinations (which are difficult and time consuming) there is a huge learning curve and you are not paid for any time spent training, studying, taking tests or watching webinars. This will have a negative impact on your pay rate, especially when first starting out.

#3 – Not consistent work

Unfortunately work won’t always be available 24/7, and depending when you are able to work you may not be able to reach as many hours per week as you wanted. Some of these companies have a weekly/monthly cap on how many hours you can work, but I don’t think Leapforce does.

It may be very hard to actually reach 40 hours a week – expect around 20 and don’t count on it for a full time income.

#4 – They can easily fire you

They’re known for letting people go at any time. They have certain work quality standards you have to adhere to and if you fall below you’ll get threatened with termination. However their “quality” is subjective and doesn’t mean the person isn’t working hard, just that they’re not agreeing to their standards.

Ultimately what makes it hard is that they’re trying to standardize tasks that are inherently subjective!

Trying to standardize something that is inherently subjective is extremely difficult. Testing to monitor quality and relevancy of search engine result queries is something that isn’t an exact science. Of course there will be discrepancies, and however much they try to “standardize” it with their rules and guidelines, it’s still going to be difficult for a lot of people to perform in the exact way they want. Hence, why so many people complain about their sub-par performance levels.

I know first hand from years of experience scoring standardized tests this is a huge problem. You have to be able to take their guidelines and apply them to each unique situation. There are people that will be really good at doing this, and those that aren’t. It’s just the nature of the work.

The main thing to realize here is this job just isn’t for everyone

It may not be the greatest job and you may be treated like a disposable object, but that doesn’t really make it a scam. The fact is they DO pay you and many people do this work with no problems. I think a lot of people who complain about Leapforce have too many expectations for the job. It isn’t a full time reliable job. You don’t get benefits, vacation time, nor are you guaranteed to remain working for them for any set amount of time. It’s a contracted project and you are not their employee.

Unfortunately it may require a large initial time commitment that may not pan out in the end. However for many it is a great source of extra income. I’d say if you are a college student, stay at home parent, or just in need of a second income source for yourself then go for it. If you’re trying to make it a full time profession, you’ll be majorly disappointed.

What other companies hire for this type of work?

  • Lionbridge
  • Butler Hill
  • Workforce Logic

You can easily find these companies from a quick Google search.

Don’t think Leapforce is right for you?

While this may be a real contracted position that people are actually getting paid to do, personally, it’s not right for me. There are just too many downsides and the pay averages out to be extremely crappy.

I have been making money online since 2013… doing something called affiliate marketing.

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If you have any questions about working for Leapforce or further questions about what I do, drop me a comment down below. I will welcome any discussions!


About the Author Wendy

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Patty Sweet says

My daughter was just hired by leapforce. We both have a question, they are asking for her banking info including password. I feel this is confidential information and they don’t need it. Why would they need it?

    Wendy says

    The only reason I could think of would be for payment via direct deposit, but in that case they’d just need her routing and checking number. If they’re asking for the actual info to access the bank account that seems highly suspicious.

Maria Argote says

I was in the process of applying and they asked me for my credit card. I find this very suspicious. Do you think that I was talking to scammers.

    Wendy says

    Leapforce wouldn’t ask you for your credit card, that sound suspicious. Who exactly was asking for your CC, were you on their actual website?

Christine says

Thanks for this info. I’m interested in doing affiliate marketing.

Lisa says

I applied for LeapForce and spent a lot of time going through the study materials and the practice exams. I got everything correct. Then, when I went to go take the actual exam, multiple questions “timed out” so I had to rate those queries a certain way since I was never able to view the page. That caused me to fail the exam. I was so frustrated after wasting so much time preparing for that stupid thing.

I had friends who worked for them and they all hated the job. They said nothing they ever did was good enough and they felt underpaid.

Danny says

I know some people that used to work on Leapforce and the issue is that the hiring process itself IS the content they want, just like those “get paid to reply surveys” where you reply 50% but then the survey ends, they just got the answers they want and suddenly quit the survey because you are not the profile they want.
Leapforce itself is the project to gather info from their colabs.

Ashwin Dua says

You are awesome wendy

Aaron says

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for giving such a great information.But can you please let me know me that what is the educational qualification require for this job?I have heard that now graduation is require for this job and I am Undergraduate.What other things are require for this job?And can you please let me know what will be the exam format.?

    Wendy says

    Unless they changed something you don’t have to have a degree or anything. Here’s a link to their requirements page:

    The exam will tell you to Google specific search terms and analyze the first page of results, as well as click on certain results and analyze the content on the pages. They ask you a series of questions about everything and you’ll need to elaborate in many cases and give written responses. It’s very difficult due to the subjectivity.

    Aaron says

    Thanks Wendy

Andres Carmona says

I just received Priority mail from Leapforce. Enclosed is a check in the amount of $2450.00. The check is from CoVantage Credit Union. They want me to cash it in my banking account. So my question is: this whole assignment legit? Plus, I don’t recall completing any test.

    Wendy says

    That sounds like a scam to me. My guess is it isn’t actually from Leapforce but they used the name?

Catina says

Funny how you mention inconsistent work and horrible time management on the part of the company but then turn around and advertise for a KNOWN scam wealthy affiliate where a hefty start up fee is also attached to the program. Anything that promises great things and then asks you to pay for nothing more than tips is misleading.

    Wendy says

    Hi Catina,

    Leapforce is an actual job that pays hourly, Wealthy Affiliate is an educational community/training platform that helps people learn how to create a business online. They are completely different. What I am recommending is if people are serious about working from home, WA is a great place to start learning how to create their own business. When you start a business, you are investing into something that will make you money for the long haul, even when you aren’t actually “working” vs a job like Leapforce where you can only earn money if you are clocked in. Another perk is once you have a formula that works for your business, it’s all a matter of scaling up to make more money.

    I am unsure where you are getting this information about WA. Tell me where it “promises you great things” and how you are “paying for nothing”? Neither of these are true statements. They provide you an education, tools, web hosting and a community to engage with and ask for help. Nowhere do they promise you anything. If you need money instantly, creating a business isn’t an immediate solution for you. WA is for those looking to start something long term,just like how college prepares you for the future with no immediately return on your investment.

    It is not instant gratification but if you are willing to work for it, it’s all worth it!

      Deleana CRITTENDEN says

      Someone maybe using leap force as a way to get people checking information… BUT MY BANK IS ON TOP THEY HELD THE FOR SO MANY DAYS.. AND THEY SEND THE CHECK.. BACK THANK GOD I didn’t spend a dime of it… GOOD LOOKING OUT WELL Fargo

        Wendy says

        I heard this from somebody else! They must just be using the name, this wouldn’t have anything to do with the actual company. I have heard about this type of checking scam for quite some time, it is unfortunate that some people fall for it.

Qualify4Leapforce says

All candidates are required to take and pass a qualification exam before becoming a Search Engine Evaluator. There are three parts to the exam: a theoretical component and two practical components. Supplied study materials can be used during the exam.

How did these people pass the 1st time without studying?

    Wendy says

    The qualifying site you are referring to appears to be some kind of scam or trick to get people’s money. I wouldn’t trust it.

      Aashish says

      Hi Wendy, just some comments below, I read you assuring the person that leapforce is a legit company, now your comment above, calling it a scam is quite confusing!

        Wendy says

        I’m sorry – looking back at it,that does come across as confusing. The person in the previous comment was actually referring to a website (not Leapforce) that guaranteed people would pass the Leapforce exam for a fee. The comment also included a link, but the link and part of the comment didn’t show up for some reason so it looks like I am calling Leapforce itself a scam.. I will edit the previous reply to be more specific about what I am talking about.

Tom says


I just saw an online ad for a LeapForce position and found your review while I was researching them. I’m still evaluating, so I have no experience working for them – at least not yet.

However, I take issue with one of the objections you raise in your review and some of your replies in the comments section. You have noted that LeapForce contractors are not paid for their time spent on required training and exams, which I do not doubt. However, that is true of many occupations, especially professional ones. As a software developer, nobody paid me to keep up with new technologies or languages. Occasionally I could learn some things on the job, but more often it was on my own time. An employer might cover the costs of certifications and exams, but that is not guaranteed, and it’s usually advertised as a benefit or perk, much like dental insurance or 401k matching. Also, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals generally need to keep up to date with their skills on their own time, so it’s not peculiar to IT work. As a final example, did anyone pay you to work through the Wealthy Affiliate course materials? No, you did that on your own, and probably quite aggressively if you wanted to absorb all of it within the first free month before access to advanced material is no longer available with a free membership.

That said, I suppose it is less common to require unpaid training and testing for low-paying work like what search engine evaluators do for LeapForce. Many jobs aren’t like that. For example, most of the roofers, painters, and electricians I’ve known learned most of their trades on the job while being paid, although the electricians did have to do some classroom time paid out of pocket before they could apprentice, and it’s up to them to keep up with the new NEC when it’s updated every three years.

To be clear, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have included this information in your review. It’s important and relevant to your readers. I’m merely pointing out that unpaid training is an accepted part of many occupations, including affiliate marketing using the Wealthy Affiliate system.


    Wendy says

    Thanks for the reply, Tom. You are right that many occupations require unpaid studying and training and yes I indeed put in endless unpaid hours on my blogs before I made any money. However, considering the type of pay you will earn from Leapforce (very minimal) and that there’s no guarantee you’ll even get hired after putting in many hours into training for the test I find it a huge negative. Typically lower paying jobs will pay you for the training. I’ve worked similar types of jobs that DO pay for the training and I find it much preferable.

    I really want to point out that the work I put in through WA is entirely different from accepting a regular job. I was building my own business. You can’t equate an hourly job to this because it is entirely different. The hours sacrificed in the beginning will pay off down the line,no matter if you are doing it online or working a brick and mortar. That is simply not true when you are working somewhere like Leapforce or any other low paying hourly position.

    Michael Doolin says

    Tom you sound like a shill

Patricia says

I have been employed at LeapForce for a year now and I love it. It works perfectly for me. I have had no trouble getting hours although I do not try to work 40 hours. It is more of a part time job for me. I know a number of people who do work full time at LeapForce. I would not take this article as gospel on the job. It is a good option for working at home. You just have to have the right personality for it. Yes, I did put in study time in the beginning and no, I did not get paid for it. Now that I”m a “seasoned” worker, I no longer put in much extra time on studying. I do review changes that are published but that does not take me long. I am glad that I did not allow articles like this to discourage me from trying the job because it works for me.

    Chaz says

    I know you may not reply to this, but as someone who is looking to work under leapforce, (currently taking the entrance tests) I want to know how you do your taxes, I have read a lot about self employment, and how the tax can really kill you, i’m really wanting to do this, but I don’t want to only take a $42 paycheck as the rest needs to be saved, I really hope i’m doing the math wrong and that you have a reassuring comment.

      Wendy says

      Yeah, the tax situation is something you would probably need to consult with a local tax professional. I am not qualified to give any official tax advice, however, personally the most important thing to keep in mind is to save money from each paycheck to put towards your taxes. It really isn’t any different than getting paid from an employer because taxes would be taken out of those paychecks as well, it’s just that you are responsible for putting the money aside.

        David says

        Though I am not a tax professional either, I do want to clarify one thing. If you are reporting self-employment income, you are responsible for the full SSA tax (15%), rather than the 7.5% that you are responsible for as an employee. Your employer is responsible for the other 7.5%. If you are contemplating self-employment, you need to plan for this additional burden.

          Wendy says

          Yeah that is true, thanks for clarifying that David. People ask me about the tax so much I just stick to telling them to speak to a professional because I really don’t want to give anyone wrong information.

J says

Yes, online jobs from home is a whole new territory, that because of my condition I’m looking into. Unfortunately, it can be really easy for these companies to rip you off, and it seems like if the companies aren’t scams, and are legitimate, they can still find ways not to pay you what you’re owed, because what are you going to do about it. who are you going to talk to? You’re just a faceless soul in cyberspace.

Rajiv says

great reviews and good to know about leapforce. Thank you.

Shaniah says

Hello Wendy,

I’ve learned a whole lot about Leapforce just from your article. My question is are you still “employed” with Leapforce? Also, would you recommend getting another job additional to leapforce online if you need consistent pay? I passed the first two exams and am taking the third tomorrow. I am a little worried cause I put my two weeks in today at my current job when I heard I will be working with higher pay at Leapforce. Also, how often do you recieve tasks and what is the maximum hours you can work each week with Leapforce?

Thanks and sorry for all the questions, this will be my first online job if I get it.


PS I am looking for this to be my only job but I have bills and feel maybe this job won’t be as consistent as I need it. I need to make at least $1,000 each month if at all possible. Thanks.

    Wendy says

    I only took the entrance qualification exam but never actually spent time working with Leapforce. From what I’ve heard, it is hard to get consistent hours and you’re not actually paid for all the time you may spend working (there are a few reasons for that, which I believe I’ve explained within the article). I’m not sure if there’s a minimum hour per week requirement, but I know a lot of people say they have a hard time even getting around 20. I personally could never work a job like that! But yeah, you’re probably going to need another job on top of it if you need at least $1,000 per month.

Mayank says

Hi wendy you are doing a great job

Best of luck for your future

Sriram says

Hey, Im thinking of joining Leapforce. If i do, what kind of jobs will i be getting? Can anybody pl elaborate nature of the work. Is it simple or tough? Does the pay depend on the difficulty of the work or just $7/hr for all kind. Can i trust them and give my bank details? Can i shift countries later after joining from current one. (P.S. I’m a student and might leave to U.S from India.). Also

Jay says

I came to know about Leapforce from this article. I decided to give it a try and here’s what I have to say.

My Experience: I started working at Leapforce in early December 2015, and I just received my first payment. I am very satisfied with the company and I am happy with the environment and the professionalism.
At Leapforce, there are different kinds of positions and the most popular among it is Search Engine Evaluator. You will basically be helping Search Engines to improve the way they show the results for a query by a user, according to the relevance and importance.
You can qualify for more projects if you are good at what you do. When you start, you will only be able to work for an hour. The limited time will increase and it can go up to unlimited, and it all depends on the reviews you get and some tasks you complete. I am doing 2 projects now.
Whenever I send emails to them, I get immediate response. They have a very good team behind this company. There is also a social network within the company where you can follow people and chat with them. This is very useful to learn about the job and there are some wonderful people there who have years of experience working for Leapforce.

Pay: Leapforce functions in countries like US, UK, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, India, Indonesia, Egypt, South Korea .etc
In the United States, they pay $13 per hour, and in India they pay $7. For the people in India, there is also an option to select the language they prefer (English/Hindi).
The money is wire transferred directly to your bank account. You need to submit the invoice on the 1st of each month, and the amount will be credited within 30 days.
Qualification procedure: For the position of Search Engine Evaluator, you will be required to take a 3 part exam. They will provide the study materials in PDF format. The first part is directly asked from the PDF, and you can check the material during the exam. The 2nd and 3rd parts of the exams are practical.
You have 7 days to complete all 3 exams. You will have to pass each exam to be eligible to take the next one. In my case, I failed in the 3rd exam in the first attempt, and luckily they allowed me to re-take the test. I was able to make it through the second time, and I learned a lot within the last month. Please don’t forget to add comments during the 2nd and 3rd parts of the exam when there is an option to add them. (I forgot it during my first round of exam)
If you get the mail from them to take the exams, you will be able to start working within 10 days, provided that you pass the exams.

How to Apply: You need to select your country and language and proceed with the application. You will be asked to upload scanned copy/photo of id/address proof. Application procedure is fairly simple, but please note that it may take around 2 weeks to get a reply from them. In my case, I got their reply within 3 days, but I know people who got it after a month. It is worth the wait.
Leapforce is a completely genuine company and it is an excellent way to make money online. There are people who work full time on Leapforce. I am from India, and $7 per hour really helps me. I could qualify for multiple projects which means that I can do work for more hours a day. Imagine how much you can make if you become eligible to work for unlimited hours!

To see current openings and join Leapforce, please click on this link, select your country and language and continue:

Keep your resume and government ID proof handy.

[ P.S. I earn a small bonus when people join using my referral link, pass the exams and work at least 150 hours. This could help me, and I would really appreciate it 🙂 ]

    Wendy says

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Leapforce! I’m sure it could be helpful to many people, as long as they’re aware of all the negatives as well. It isn’t for most people but there are certain people that can do it and enjoy the work.

Gota Patti Suits says

Thanks for the honest and helpful review. It seems that currently they are not accepting new contractors, recently I had submitted my resume on their website but I got a message that currently they cannot consider even though I am eligible as per their rules.

Nilesh Varma says

Hi Wendy,

First of all thank you very much for the info on Leapforce. I am from India and currently in the process of giving the exams (cleared the first one and pending other two). I am not too sure if you’ll be aware of it but would you know the rate at which they pay people in India? I did see one of the comments above from a certain Gopinath where he has claimed to receive $7/hour but is that exactly what people will get in India or is there something else to it as well.
Also while applying to this job on LeapForce they clearly mentioned this role is specifically for India. Now that they’ve made the location specific, do employees in India receive tasks which are related to our locale or do we still get tasks related to any country or US probably. The reason I ask is that while rating tasks it will be easier if you are working on searches in your own locale than some other country because the search maybe related to a very familiar thing in that locale which the evaluator (say in India) may not know at all and hence may not be correctly rate that search. For Ex: If someone searches for Staples, only some people in India may know that it is a big chain of stores in the US.


    Wendy says

    To be completely honest, I have no idea how Leapforce works with people from India nor what they pay them. I can only speculate, and I would imagine if one commentor said the $7 per hour, that is likely around what they offer there. I heard it was $13/hour in the US, but it only makes sense they wouldn’t need to pay that much in India. Also keep in mind you don’t get paid for your time training or studying, which takes up a significant amount of extra time and will lower your overall average hourly wage.

    As for the search, I’m pretty sure it’s location specific. You’d be given that the particular search for “staples” was done in “los angelos, california” for example. Someone seraching for staples in india wouldn’t necessarily be looking for the store.

    However, I think you bring up a really good point to a serious flaw in their system. No single person is going to possibly know everything about every search query, so therefore how could they be an accurate judge of what is or isn’t relevant to any particualr search if they don’t know about the topic? I’m sure that situation could apply to anyone, no matter where in the world they were. Considering the fact you can literally Google ANYTHING these days, there’s no way to know who is or isn’t a good evaluator for each search!

Shante says

Hello, I take the test on Monday. If I do pass I’m skeptical of giving my account information for direct deposit. I know this is a normal feeling. I even checked with the Better Business Bureau and they got an A rating. Hope this works out because any extra money a month will help. Thanks die the info.

    Shante says


    Wendy says

    I wouldn’t worry about that, they are definitely a legit company. I wish you luck!

Gopinath says

Seriously $13/hr ? They offered me just $7/hr? Is the offer vary with country? I’m from India. Can anyone reply to this

    Wendy says

    Yeah, unfortunately I would imagine the reason is you’re located in India.

raj says


I signed up leapforce and waiting for the exam for Search Engine Evaluator. can I earn money once I passed, how genuine are they in paying money

Please send me the details on


    Wendy says

    If you pass the exam and start working, they do pay you. There are plenty of contractors that can vouch for that. The problem is most people don’t pass the exam, and even many of the ones that do complain there’s a lot of additional and ongoing training requirements once you get the job, and you are never paid for time you spent training. That can add up to a lot of unpaid hours…
    You’re also only paid for the time Leapforce allots for each task, not the time it actually took for you to do it. Even the people that can make it all the way through the training and work hours on the job probably are going to be getting paid much less than they bargained for.

Cliff says

This is my experience with Leapforce. I’ve submitted the following company review to Glassdoor and it’s pending approval.

If you like working for free, then this is the place for you

Can work your own hours but then again, since you will be cheated out of income you rightfully worked for, you

might as well collect unemployment because it pays better.

After 2 weeks of logging hours, I was diligent to make sure that I logged out every time and stopped the stopwatch

on my Iphone when I took a break or had to read their lengthy instructions at the beginning of each new task. In

other words, you are not paid while reading their instructions on how to complete the task but that’s OK since

this was disclosed up front.

I submitted my first time card for the month of January for 19 hours and they kicked it back stating that I was

53% of productivity. Meaning, they wanted me to revise my time card from 19 hours to 10 hours. I refused and sent

it back to them with a note and they kicked it back to me and then locked my account for “productivity” which

means they will not assign me any more tasks until I revise my time card. I’ve already advised of my intent to

discontinue my contract and to pay me what I am owed. I will update this review pending the outcome.

What really annoys me is that after working the first 2 days which exceeded 2 hours a day when I was told that I

will be receiving an hour of work a day, I emailed support asking them if I’m spending too much time or, am I

receiving more work than anticipated. They told me they can’t tell me that until “after I’ve submitted the invoice

for the month” so You have to work the entire month to only find out that they will not honor your hours.

I can understand a little discrepancy but 9 hours? That’s completely absurd. I recorded the time honestly,

accurately and fairly. Many times when given a task, you need to do additional research simply to understand the

search engine query. They even tell you to research queries that you’re not familiar with because they emphasize

quality above all. They also insist on copious detailed notes with explanations along with your ratings evals so I

don’t see how you can maintain any measure of quality based on the time constraints placed on you. Furthermore,

none of this is explained to you upfront as they are advertising an hourly rate of $13.50.

I am not sure how any of this is legal as you are categorized as a 1099 independent contractor but if you read

what the DOL states about independent contractors, the employer cannot direct the means or the manner for how you

the contractor will perform the work just the result but clearly this is what Leapforce does.

so if you decide to try this work from home opportunity, proceed with caution and expect to work 30% – 50% of

your hours on your own time. In the end, you’re not earning $13.50/hr but closer to $7.00 hr which is below the

Federal minimum wage. Unemployment pays better than that!

Advice to Management
Revise the estimated time to complete tasks as they are clearly un-attainable or, disclose the hours and number

of tasks upfront you are willing to pay per assignment so the contractor knows if they are willing to proceed. To

be blunt, stop cheating people out of their money.

    Wendy says

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Leapforce, Cliff. It’s such a joke they only pay their contractors for the time they think it should have taken them to do the job versus what they actually took. And they say they strive for quality? Yeah right! There is no “one time fits all”… people work at varying speeds and it’s dumb (or horrible) for them not to factor that.

    I’ve seen the work they want you guys to do and it’s completely humorous. It’s impossible for a group of people to be the judge of what’s good or bad or right or wrong across the entire scope of topics on the internet. It’s the actual people searching for the particular given topic that should (and are) the judge of that.

    But it really sucks they make you work for an entire month for you to realize you won’t be getting paid for all your time spent. They should definitely make it clearer that you only have _x_ amount of time to do a task no matter how long it actually takes you. Total crap..

      Mason says

      It sounds like you all need to understand something. This is a contract job, not employment.

      You get paid for the work you do. Obviously it isn’t that terrible or no one would do it. Even normal jobs where you get hired can have a week’s worth of unpaid training before you begin working.

      If they say do it in X and you do it in X+5 then do better next time. There’s a reason so many companies are still paying minimum wage. It’s because no one we’ll put any actual hard work into their job. I think some people try to hard to not work at work.

      Until you’ve created your own company, don’t talk.

        J says

        This is a ridiculous reply Mason. People do terrible jobs all of the time because they need $. Doing the required work in X minutes is OK as long as X minutes is reasonable, which it may or may not be, so until you’ve worked for Leapforce, don’t talk!

Flower says

It would be nice if someone spelled out the compensation. It’s hard to take a “business opportunity” seriously if you don’t know what they are paying.

    Wendy says

    Leapforce states that they pay $13 an hour. The reason you don’t really see the figure being displayed much is because when you are hired you have to sign an income disclosure agreement, and they’ll only tell you the pay when you go through the application process. I never signed the agreement because I wasn’t hired, but they did inform me of the pay rate.

    THe $13 an hour is a little deceptive though because like I said above, you’re not paid for all the work that is actually required (training and studying, etc) and the rigourous exam that is required for hire most people end up failing, yet it takes a few days to get through the entire thing! That is a lot of unpaid time! When you average it out, it’s a lot less than the $13.

Darrell Miles says

Great commentary on Leapforce. Someone had asked me about them. I was looking for some unbias insight. You did a good review of them. Theere are many good opportunities out there. It requires some due diligence as any employment opportunity would.

So many are looking for perfection when it comes to”Working From Home”. What’s perfect for one may not be suitable for others.

We also look for good people to do good work. We have helped thousands through the years attain their freedom and financial independence, but “Work at Home” opportunities require a proper work from home environment, proper tools, consistency, partnerships, great income for great follow-through and a good game plan just like any traditional business.

Keep up the good work.

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